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Filter Exchange · You're favorite filters...
msg #38871
11/14/2005 8:32:06 AM


In your filter as shown, "avg volume(30)" will select stocks where volume is above 1,000,000 on the date the stock is selected and not necessarily stocks that are actually averaging 1,000,000 shares per day over 30 days.

Change to "AVERAGE volume(30)" and note the difference in filter results.

As a example use offset to select stocks for 10/28/2005.

'avg' -------- returns 4
'average' -- returns 3

It appears that RSI(2) is strong enough so that all that is needed is:
"VOLUME above 1,000,000"

Or do you insist that the 30 day AVERAGE be above 1,000,000 ????
If so, note that VSEA with performance of +10.93 is eliminated on 10/28/05.

General Discussion · What do you do AFTER you run your filters?
msg #36681
7/3/2005 8:59:49 AM

I like to look for strength after weakness.

RSI(2) is great to help identify a low or weakness on daily or weekly charts.

Having found candidates using RSI(2) on a daily or weekly filter, I wait for a indication of strength using DMI, Stochastic, Williams %R, Volume and again RSI(2) using 60 minute charts intraday to arrive at a entry point.

I would like Stockfetcher to provide the ability to run filters intraday using a 60 minute time frame even if a 15 or 20 minute delay is necessary.

In my opinion, all the time, effort and resources spent by Stockfetcher in developing the backtest feature would have been better directed toward providing a intraday filter.


Filter Exchange · Basic Filter for newbies and old pros...
msg #36581
6/30/2005 3:47:32 PM


Same problem here.

Can't sort by column nor can I get the "NEXT" page.


Filter Exchange · HIgh of day
msg #36154
6/1/2005 7:37:26 AM

close equal high of day

General Discussion · My new backtested filter that works!!! 150% gains!!
msg #35812
4/30/2005 9:27:09 AM


Thanks for posting the above.

See my post to SF, re; volume command bug.


Filter Exchange · new IBD 100 list (12-31-04)
msg #35589
4/13/2005 7:59:46 AM


This was posted by someone else here recently.

Good luck.

Filter Exchange · SMI
msg #35491
3/29/2005 7:31:33 PM


How about -

Fetcher[Stochastic Momentum(9,5,3) crossed above 0]

Filter Exchange · Reversal New High Filter
msg #35390
3/18/2005 9:22:35 AM


Since entry @ $34.90 didn't materialize on 3/15 would you have entered on 3/17 at $33.88 ?

General Discussion · set{yy, close - high 30 day high}
msg #34821
1/9/2005 1:41:17 PM

Trader Joe,

How about;

Show stocks where close is between 4 and 5
set{tdc, close}
set{hi, 6 week high}
set{yy, tdc minus hi}
and add column tdc
and add column hi
and add column yy

Is this what you are getting at?


Filter Exchange · please help me please
msg #34801
1/7/2005 12:23:01 PM


you said;

hmmm ... not sure why the second retrieves more ??? ...hmmm

First of all I am assuming from the timestamp of your post that you ran the 2 filters and got results for end of day 01/05/2005.

While I didn't eyeball each and every one, it seems that the first scan returned stocks where the close was truly lower than the preceding day.

The second filter returned 2 extra stocks, GLOB and EVN.

Note that the closing price for each of these was the same on the second and third day, VIZ:

GLOB = 1.21 & 1.21
EVN = 16.36 & 16.36

That appears to be the difference. Do you agree ?


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