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General Discussion · OBV crosses.... what is the correct syntax?
msg #117665
1/9/2014 5:45:27 PM


Filter Exchange · Bollinger %B(50,1) crossed below .10 AND slow stochastic %D(10,1) below 10
msg #117615
1/6/2014 8:44:17 AM


NICE, thanks for your efforts.

This is worth further investigation.

General Discussion · Question for Stockfetcher folks
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11/25/2013 7:40:16 PM




General Discussion · Results from scans
msg #117009
11/24/2013 10:48:52 AM

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- Ignore bakeyser

11/24/2013 7:53:19 AM

Ok, thank you for your replies!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Don't mention it.

General Discussion · Results from scans
msg #117002
11/23/2013 2:23:10 PM

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11/23/2013 1:48:22 PM

I an new to Stockfetcher and was wondering why when I run a scan, like the Connors RSI

If you have created code for "CONNORS RSI" - - - - - Would you please share ?

General Discussion · IRA money induces you to use a longer timeframe
msg #116295
10/28/2013 11:39:18 AM

FYI - - - The following is how Scottrade explains it.

Unsettled proceeds from existing long positions can be used to purchase additional securities as long as the new purchase is not sold prior to the settlement date of the original sale that generated the proceeds used to finance the purchase.

If it is sold prior to the settlement date of the funding sale without additional funds being deposited, it will be considered a free ride under Federal Reserve Regulation T.

For example, if you sell a security on Monday the 1st, you can use the proceeds to make a purchase prior to the settlement date of Thursday the 4th. However, if you make a purchase before Thursday the 4th then sell that new position before the settlement of Monday's sale, you will then be required to deposit funds to pay for the purchase. If you purchase on Thursday the 4th, you may place a sell order at any time you wish, because the purchase was made with settled funds.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #115863
10/13/2013 6:24:39 PM

Before it gets removed.

10/13/2013 3:23:03 PM

7,656 posts
msg #115845 10/11/2013 4:39:29 PM

Please define " shakeout pattern

look for samples hitting extreme oversold conditions and starts to base, add them to a watchlist. The first bounce is ignored, buy the pullback which is about 5-16 days, most will bounce on the 5Th or 6Th day. Volume should be greater than 1-million, stocks tested are above $20. I only trade the stock if the 2ND bottom is lower than the first bottom(base). Most folks will have their stop just below the first bottom and will experience the "shakeout", 2nd bottom would low risk and very profitable entry.
BPOP is an example of a first bounce, occurred 5 days below my extreme oversold condition. 2nd bounce example ANF could be used to calibrate your favorite indicators. You've already seen HSH, KO is still a first bounce and is kept on my watchlist....hth
correction.....I'm using 2-days equal 1 bar so double the days noted above., also hourly chart to pull the trigger.

....will remove this post in a few days.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #115862
10/13/2013 6:23:16 PM

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- Ignore klynn55

10/13/2013 4:31:17 PM

and why list the use of an indicator that you wont define ?you and shill , get some kick i guess! maybe it's the 15 minutes of fame thing.
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I'm sure this and other similar attitudes here are why the activity and participation on these forums have decreased and so have outlived their usefulness.

General Discussion · Is there anyone out here that can write this filter(s)?
msg #114981
8/20/2013 3:01:58 PM


chart-type line

compare faz to fas

General Discussion · Is there anyone out here that can write this filter(s)?
msg #114980
8/20/2013 2:58:37 PM


This should give you a start.

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