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General Discussion · Finding stocks where close is within 15% 1 year high
msg #34233
12/5/2004 8:47:21 AM


This will get you started.

Fetcher[set{x, 1 year high - close}
set{y, x / 1 year high}
set{z, y * 100}
show stocks where z is less than 15
and add column x
and add column y
and add column z

Filter Exchange · Help with a filter, Please
msg #33318
9/19/2004 8:29:34 PM


General Discussion · help with filter please.
msg #33317
9/19/2004 8:25:34 PM

Here is your scan, syntax free.

The command that is commented out was preventing any hits and was replaced as shown.

set{nr1,high 6 days ago - low 6 days ago}
set{nr2,high 5 days ago - low 5 days ago}
set{nr3,high 4 days ago - low 4 days ago}
set{nr4,high 3 days ago - low 3 days ago}
set{nr5,high 2 days ago - low 2 days ago}
set{nr6,high 1 days ago - low 1 days ago}
set{nr7,high - low}
and nr7 is less than nr6
and nr7 is less than nr5
and nr7 is less than nr4
and nr7 is less than nr3
and nr7 is less than nr2
and nr7 is less than nr1
and Average Volume(90) is above 20000
and 60-day slope of close is greater than 0
and Average Volume(7) has been decreasing over the last 5 days
and close is between 1 and 250
and low 1 day ago is less than high
/* */
/* and 7 day slope of close is near 0 */
/* */

and 7 day slope of close is above 0
and date offset is 0

General Discussion · Syntax error "Help"
msg #33197
9/9/2004 8:16:06 AM


Here is your filter syntax free.

Compare it to your original for problem areas.

MACD Histogram has been increasing for 5 days
and RSI(15) crossed above 50 within the last 3 days
and Slow Stochastics(5) Fast %K crossed above 50 within the last 3 days
and Slow Stochastics(5) Fast %K crossed above 30 within the last 6 days
and On Balance Volume has been increasing for the last 5 days
and Ultimate Oscillator(7,14,28) crossed above 50 within the last 5 days
and Money Flow Index(15) has been increasing for the last 5 days
and price is between 5 and 250
and Volume is above 10000

Change the 'day' values to suit your intent.

Filter Exchange · mika's Big MACD filter
msg #32146
5/21/2004 5:51:34 PM


See if this gives you what you are looking for.

Fetcher[Absolute Day Change has been below 1.25 percent for the last 5 days
and average volume(90) is above 500000
and market is nasdaq

Volume and market as shown to limit number of hits.

General Discussion ·  Backtest symbantics
msg #31963
5/3/2004 12:12:33 PM


The "performance" column is calculated using the closing price on the day that the stock hits your scan vs the last full trading days closing price.

General Discussion · BottomLineStocks
msg #31880
4/26/2004 1:00:59 PM


That's what I thought.

It seems very similar to a scan on the "Bollinger Squeeze" thread that was started by 'yepher' on 4/11/2004.

So then, mika, who is a member of your yahoo club comes over here and finds a scan, then posts it at your "by invitation only" yahoo club, but HE doesn't post it here for some reason even though he does contribute here occasionally.

Whereas you decide to bring it back here to help us out. COOL.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's different. Price range, volume, blah, blah.

dan greene

General Discussion · BottomLineStocks
msg #31833
4/22/2004 7:36:26 AM

Anyone interested in breakout hourly volume should check this out.

dan greene

General Discussion · BottomLineStocks
msg #31815
4/21/2004 8:29:09 AM


I have tried several searches and am unable to locate mika's original post pertaining to this squeeze filter.

Will you furnish the date and thread where this was first posted.


dan greene

Filter Exchange · Bollinger Squeeze
msg #31744
4/14/2004 6:34:40 PM


You said,

"I realized last night that I did not mean to say "Linear Regression" of lows on oscillator but the slope of the lows on the oscillator to help judge direction. Sorry if that caused any confusion."

I tried adding "slope of slow stochastic(39,3) above 0" to the scan but too often the stoch had already turned down yet satisfied the condition and I find it unproductive to enter a trade when the stoch(39,3) is turning down.

dan greene

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