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General Discussion · Aging.
msg #86194
1/13/2010 8:43:16 PM

Young bull says to old bull - "hey, let's run up the hill and make love to one of them cows!"

Old bull to young bull - "son, let's walk up that hill and make love to all of 'em"

Filter Exchange · CHETRON: Yes, You Can!!
msg #79812
9/21/2009 11:54:26 PM

Just messing around with this, but a 4 week moving average of weekly RSI(2) may get you a little closer to what you're looking for.


CMA(weekly RSI(2),4) crossed above 50
and close is above 5
and average volume is above 300000


General Discussion · Coments on news of the day
msg #93029
5/22/2010 1:38:30 AM


I have a curse of usually being too early. That said, it looks like in the last couple of days, the Euro has least for now. Fortunately, one of my rules is not to enter a position unless it's higher than the previous day (saved my a$$ Monday).

I recently read an article from a long-time technician who said that one of his favorite (and most predictable) set-ups is when a stock closes higher than the high of the day in which a recent (30 day?) low was established. Proves to be a fairly reliable short-term trend-reversal indicator. Oil and commodity stocks seem to trend stronger than other sectors. I'll see how things open next week. I'll be looking at UCO. Looks like it could move back up into the 12 area without a lot of strain.

One thing I can just about guarantee, the strength in the dollar is the equivalent of the Emporer's new clothes. When this gets widely accepted, you will see oil prices follow gold. Along the same lines, keep an eye out for eanings estimates to begin to be marked down because of the strong dollar. Tech companies particularly vulnerable.

General Discussion · EARNINGS PLAYS
msg #82441
11/4/2009 6:01:55 PM


I've found that a close over the previous day's HIGH is a more reliable turnaround indicator, same goes for a close below the previous day's LOW as a good indication a stock is rolling over - also works as a good exit point for swing trades.
For example. one that popped up on my scans this evening as a long - and also closing above the previous day's high is NRG. Looks to be bouncing off support with resistance about 10% higher. No guarantees, but I'll watch the open tomorrow. I do this for real and have a rule to try to avoid opening a position in the first 30 minutes or so. Ditto for MIR.

Filter Exchange · HELP IN SIMPLE PLAN
msg #81894
10/27/2009 9:00:38 PM


Trade management is infinitely more important than stock selection. Theoretically, you can throw darts at the stock listings. Cut your losers - manage your winners. The "average" professional money manager would sacrifice his mother for 20 - 25% a year. I'm pretty sure Warren Buffet is below that. Bill Miller at Legg Mason beat the S & P 500 for something like 10 straight years. Never came close to 25% annually (year-after-year). Not saying it can't be done but re-read the first sentence

Filter Exchange · help with finding stocks that lead the market
msg #82843
11/11/2009 10:47:47 AM

I think you will have a problem with sector rotation. Sometimes its the financials that lead, other times it may be the techs or the commodity stocks. There have been markets where its the small-caps or even foreign stocks that go first. Never is the same group - certainly not the same stock consistently. Good luck.

General Discussion · How to Swing Trade
msg #91239
4/15/2010 11:21:45 PM

Just my opinion - successful trading is about 10% stock selection and about 90% trade management. Theoretically you could tape the Wall Street Journal to a wall, select stocks by throwing darts at the stock tables, flip a coin to decide whether to go long or short and still make money if you manage your trades properly. Cut your losses and let your profits run.

I've never had a problem entering a trade. For years the most difficult part of my trading was deciding when to exit a position. I'd get out of my losing trades too late and my profitable trades too soon. Took a long, long time (and many $$$ lost) to come up with a system that works for me - at least a good part of the time.

General Discussion · Improve results by 10-25% - common sense entry
msg #85469
1/3/2010 4:56:23 PM

I'm continually looking to improve trade results. It occurred to me that, when running a scan, all purchases are made at the default price - that is the opening price the following day. I wanted to see what would happen if purchases were not made on days when the market opened lower but I don't have the programming skills for that - if it's even possible.

Next best thing, I set up the following entry trigger: (When setting up a backtest use the "Entry Price" box under the "Advanced Options" menu.

"target price equal to or greater than previous day closing price"
do not purchase if out of range of the target price(check the box)

Hopefully, this should eliminate buying scan-selected stocks if they open down the following day.

The win/lose ratio immediately improved by 10%+, Reward/Risk ratios improved by about 50% and ROI improved by 25%+ on selected scans.

I thought this was significant enough to pass around. If anyone can improve it further, please share


General Discussion · JOKES
msg #84459
12/15/2009 2:02:01 PM

deleted (was posted previously)

General Discussion · JOKES
msg #88979
3/2/2010 9:54:13 PM

How about a little Rodney Dangerfield:

"My uncle got arrested for sodomy. Good thing he knew the judge - he got the charges reduced to tailgaiting."

"I looked into my daughters high school yearbook. She's been voted most likely to conceive."

A hooker told me "not on the first date!"

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