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General Discussion · What is the Holy Grail worth if found?
msg #76189
7/9/2009 12:30:40 PM

don't believe there is a holy grail, if its true then why dont you post your trades or method? if it really does work then the price woudn't matter anyone would pay anything for it

General Discussion · Intraday with BIDU
msg #76188
7/9/2009 12:26:13 PM

hey thanks............. i had a line at 271.94 and i got in a bearish entry a few cents under then got out right away because it started going bullish and i switched to bullish, and caught that big fish, got out around 278 when it seemed to be forming a double top

General Discussion · Level 2 quotes
msg #76181
7/9/2009 11:37:09 AM

hey do you guys use level 2 quotes to intraday trade? if so how do you guys use them?

General Discussion · Intraday with BIDU
msg #76180
7/9/2009 11:36:37 AM

hey everyone, i've been playing BIDU using the formula pivot points and lines from the highest and lowest price off the first 15 minutes... (it seems to be a good pivotal point). i've been using those as support/resistance and it is going really well....i am also using a virual 1 -3 risk to reward ratio............ anyone else doing this?

General Discussion · BetterTrades company
msg #75866
6/28/2009 4:26:59 PM

hello, i have a bunch of bettertrades dvd course products, if you guys are familiar with them and would like to trade for other courses etc let me know...

Darlene Nelson - Falling Stocks-
Darlene Nelson - Forty Cents to Financial Freedom-
Darlene Nelson - Lifestyle Trading with L.E..A.P.S.-
Darlene Nelson ??? QQQQ DVD Set-
Markay Latimer - Market Internals-
Markay Latimer - Squeeze the Markets-
Markay Latimer - Technically Speaking
Markay Latimer - Trend Trading My Way-
Ryan Litchfield - Line Upon Line-
Ryan Litchfield - Market Mindfields-
Ryan Litchfield - Trader's Forge -
Ryan Litchfield - Trading by Candlelight-
Wealth Preservation Kit

And More...................................

General Discussion · most bullish pressure or bearish pressure
msg #75865
6/28/2009 4:20:42 PM

hey guys, i used to have this indicator called 'cashflow' that would measure bullish and bearish pressure on stocks while including volume...... that indicator is not here so do you guys know of a filter that will scan for the most bullish or bearish stocks also measuring the bullishness or bearishness with volume not just price action?

General Discussion · ADX
msg #75862
6/28/2009 4:12:36 PM

thanks guys i use the ADX settings of 12 and i use 28 for the DMI lines, these settings seem to work very nicely

General Discussion · ADX
msg #75735
6/23/2009 6:33:41 PM


General Discussion · ADX
msg #75668
6/19/2009 9:10:56 PM

do you guys have an idea of how to make a filter that will scan for a 4 point consecutive move on ADX?

General Discussion · intraday simulator for backtesting
msg #75667
6/19/2009 9:08:34 PM

but i mean do you need to know C in order to back test?

what i meant was that i was looking for a simulator that will act as the stock market and let me practice as if i were there doing real trades.................... at the moment i downloaded wealthlab and will check it out later

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