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Filter Exchange · One More Bollinger Band Filter
msg #52262
6/16/2007 12:32:22 PM

This filter scans for stocks that touched the upper Bollinger band on increased volume, to help find possible BB squeeze breakouts and/or upper Bollinger band runners.

Fetcher[Bollinger %B(20,2.0) crossed above 1
and close between 1 and 10
and not otcbb
and volume above 100000
set {v%, volume/average volume (100)}
and add column v%
and draw ema (15)
and draw Bollinger Band (20, 2.0)
and sort on column 6 descending

General Discussion · Caution Needed ?
msg #51662
5/17/2007 7:20:11 PM

I'm not a market timing expert, but most of my filters (for stocks below $10) are showing rather mediocre backtesting results for the last month or so, while the averages have been setting new record highs.

General Discussion · New Forum Post
msg #51629
5/16/2007 1:37:46 AM

I agree that your expectations of stock advisory services are too high. According to the Mark Hulbert Digest, which tracks performance of over a hundred reputable stock advisory letters,the best performing ones had results of just under 30% for the last 12 months.

General Discussion · Need help! Is there a phrase
msg #51556
5/12/2007 8:11:41 PM

You might try something like :

"Volume 500 percent above 1 year high 1 day ago. "

Filter Exchange · simple screen
msg #51483
5/9/2007 12:53:27 AM

You might use a simple line:
Close crossed above ma(50)

General Discussion · downtrending stocks
msg #51154
4/16/2007 1:18:13 PM

One of the simplest ways is to include wording similar to:

30 day slope of linear regression channel (45) below 0

General Discussion · bottom of biotech stocks today-buy these now
msg #51112
4/15/2007 7:11:03 AM

I think it's too much to expect anybody to advertise their failures. It's just against human nature. People are prone to pound their chest about their successes, although they may be unverifiable.
Although M4M's claims of success may well be exaggerated,once in a while there's some worthwhile ideas in the posts. I really don't believe that there are any "secret" methods in the stock market, although some may be unthought of by a particular individual.At any rate, if there was a secret method, I doubt that divulging it to a relatively few traders would have any impact on the general market. However, "newbies" should keep in mind that daytrading and swingtrading are two entirely different activities, and methods used by daytraders, where trades may last only a few minutes, may not be practical for use in swingtrading.

Filter Exchange · fastest way to make money very easy
msg #51084
4/14/2007 10:51:29 AM

I didn't check your filter completely, but MARY4MONEY created the v% column with the following statements :
set{v%,volume/average volume(100)}
and add column v%

Another post added those statements to look for volume spikes.

Filter Exchange · fastest way to make money very easy
msg #51069
4/13/2007 8:35:56 PM

Although MARY4MONEY's posts are usually rather unclear, I do find most of them interesting.But the volatility filter is simple and clear enough.Out of curiosity, I checked the performance for 4/13 of some of the stocks MARY4MONEY mentioned on 4/12.
NUVO : +5.26%
CEGE : +1.33%
MEM : +5.81%
CTIC: +4.05%
ISON : +10.46%
ADLR : (0.55%)

Not too shabby.

General Discussion · HELP
msg #50930
4/8/2007 1:26:06 PM

I think that swing traders use filters more than daytraders.As a swing trader,I do use a few of my filters,not only to find stock possibilities, but also what sectors might be more profitable to trade in. For instance, if my sector filters show that the energy sector has a recent W/L ratio of 64/36, the consumer non-cyclical a 68/32, but the transportation sector only a 37/63 ratio,I might be more inclined to select a stock from the first two sectors.

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