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Filter Exchange · i use a filter that gets me 99% winners whenplaying options
msg #53118
7/14/2007 8:49:20 PM

It's the elusive Dangling Carrot Filter.

Filter Exchange · Curious who has the best filter so far (holy grail)
msg #53049
7/12/2007 8:05:05 PM

They look like pretty good picks. I checked a few out, and they are all uptrending stocks on pullbacks. Stochastics, OBV's and MACDs of all look similar.They should do well if the market cooperates.

Filter Exchange · Curious who has the best filter so far (holy grail)
msg #53035
7/12/2007 1:34:05 PM

Good start.No disrespect to you or your filter, but it would be better if there were no "yesterdays" nor "would have picked". I think the picks would have to be posted after the close Fridays, and no later than Sunday night, for the following Monday through Friday. Just my suggestions. Any other ideas?

Filter Exchange · Curious who has the best filter so far (holy grail)
msg #53029
7/12/2007 12:40:25 PM

Rather than post backtesting results, it might be a better measure of a filter's quality by posting the filter and it's picks and see how they perform for the NEXT five days or so.

General Discussion · A filter worth paying for
msg #52974
7/11/2007 12:25:13 AM

You don't need to pay for a filter. Actually, you don't need a need a new YOU. Scrap what you have been doing, because obviously it hasn't been working. But you already know it.But if you need some method to point you to a short list of possible stocks to buy, here's a suggestion that I've tried in the past:
Go to a library that subscribes to VALUE LINE. Many do. Although VALUE LINE publishes detailed research on many stocks, it also publishes (at least they used to) a smaller document giving the rating of many stocks.It also lists the stocks whose ratings have changed. What worked for me, was buying stocks whose rating had been upgraded from a No.2 to a No.1.This is probably a better filter than 99%. But as they say...the rest is up to you.

Filter Exchange · Momentum Filter
msg #52915
7/9/2007 6:07:24 PM

Fetcher[ma(10)below dma(10,-3)for the last 2 continuous days
and price between 1 and 8
and average volume (30)above 100000
and not otcbb
and 30 day slope of linear regression channel (45)above 0
and pe below 30
and eps above 0
and average day range (10)above 4
and add column sector
and add column average day range(10)
and draw ma(10)
and draw dma(10,- 3)

Today's Picks:
CBAK ...4.81 NPLA...3.23 SDTH...6.44 SMTX...7.99
VIMC...6.98 WSTL...2.95 EMKR...6.06

Obviously, since this is a momentum filter, most picks are overbought. Let's see if they keep going up.

Filter Exchange · i told you i had the holy grail to the stocks last week
msg #52793
7/4/2007 12:51:55 AM

Congratulations M4M. That's fantastic.

Filter Exchange · i told you i had the holy grail to the stocks last week
msg #52779
7/3/2007 11:36:52 AM

Don't you listen to CNBC? Nobody takes losses. Whenever there's a sell-off, everybody is "taking profits".

General Discussion · Do YOU have what it takes?
msg #52777
7/3/2007 11:11:40 AM

I agree with you. I haven't checked out the site, but if they want your username and password, something doesn't "smell" right.

Filter Exchange · very good filter
msg #52724
6/30/2007 7:25:22 PM

Is the second statement about Fibonacci Down needed? It seems redundant. Regardless, it does backtest about 52% for the last 4 months, which is respectable for these market conditions.

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