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General Discussion · JOKES
msg #55975
10/23/2007 11:53:14 PM

“Actually, just look at what Osama — Barack Obama said just yesterday," "Barack Obama calling on radicals, jihadists of all different types, to come together in Iraq. That is the battlefield."

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney
in a speech before the Chamber of Commerce
in Greenwood, South Carolina
October 23, 2007

"Apparently, Mitt Romney can switch names just as casually as he switches positions"
Bill Burton, a spokesman for Barack Obama

Osama bin Laden hasn't said anything yet. He is too busy making more videotapes for YouTube.

General Discussion · HELP me Please!!!!! This is making me nuts!
msg #55973
10/23/2007 11:20:37 PM

I created a VMW watchlist with 2 stock symbols and a simple filter to draw ema(5). I got both stock symbols in VMW.


Filter Exchange · Help please? What does this mean?
msg #54807
9/14/2007 11:10:07 PM


There was no intention of preaching. Over the years, I've learned from many people in this forum like yepher, TRO, Alf44, niko, noahedwinbeach, etc too many to list all. So, I just wanted to help.


Filter Exchange · Help please? What does this mean?
msg #54784
9/14/2007 10:28:26 AM

Karenma and Maxreturn,

I think it's better to learn and develop your own than to pay for a service (a black box) that we do not understand.

It is also better to focus on the strategy and concept rather than to get too hung up on the technical details.

I believe a generic desription of this "genre" of strategy was described by some site as "the strategy is to wait for prices to approach the upper trendline or lower trendline to find a setup. There are two ways the prices can go: continue in the channel bouncing up and down the channel like a ping-pong ball or break above or below the channels; either prices accelerate the dominant trend or break and reverse in the opposite direction."

Best of all, TheRumpledOne has given us this great filter. Check it out:


set{ line_mid , linear regression(20) }
set{ tmp , 1.764 * cma(atr(12),55) }
set{ line_upper, lower linear regression(20) + tmp }
set{ line_lower, upper linear regression(20) - tmp }

draw line_mid on plot close
draw line_upper on plot close
draw line_lower on plot close

do not draw linear regression(20)
do not draw lowerlinear regression(20)
do not draw upper linear regression(20)

close above 20
volume above 20000000


Good luck and Enjoy.


Filter Exchange · Help please? What does this mean?
msg #54777
9/14/2007 2:11:39 AM


Linear regression line can be thought of as a best-fit line drawn through the data points.

For example, the following filter shows linear regression lines for etf such as SPY, with the top linear regression line at one standard deviation above the center line. The bottom linear regression line at one standard deviation below the center line. On average, in this example, you can expect the 14 data points to be within the lower limit of "average - one standard deviation" and the upper limit of "average + one standard deviation" 67% of the time

draw linear regression line(14,1)

On average, in this example, you can also expect the 14 data points to be within the lower limit of "average - 2 standard deviations" and the upper limit of "average + 2 standard deviations" 96% to 98% of the times. Data points that fall outside these limits are considered to be outliers and are expected to fall back to the average, hence "regressing to the mean".

Run the above filter and take a look at the regression lines for SPY (quite interesting.) Essentially, you are looking for a high probability for the next data point to behave in a certain way.

I did not use 3 and 0.9 because sF does not seem to like it. Also, statistically, linear regression lines(3,0.9) are not meaningful.

A final note: I believe at least one of the resident gurus of this forum advocate using linear regression lines(14,1) or linear regression lines(20,1) in conjunction with their favorite indicators, be them RSI(2) or Williams %R(10) or Stochastics %K(14).

Hope this helps. Happy trading.

General Discussion · Wake up, Benji Boy, you have no idea how bad it is out there!!
msg #54758
9/12/2007 9:58:29 PM

Karenma, while you yawned, an advisory firm has now pegged the risk of a recession to 60%. I did not make this up.

General Discussion · JOKES
msg #54681
9/9/2007 8:58:32 PM

With everything that is going on, I can't help but remember this naughty, out of character quip by Mrs. Joan Mondale on October 11, 1976:

"The Democrats do it to their secretaries, but the Republicans do it to the country."

Filter Exchange · spectacular results-using my new indicator rb%
msg #54508
9/2/2007 8:35:04 PM

First of all, thank you MARY4MONEY and TheRumpledOne for sharing your expertise.

Could you, or other contributors to this forum, please tell me if you see any advantages of using this Rubber Band Stretching approach as opposed to "close crossed above Lower Bollinger Band from below" .

Thank you for your thoughts.

General Discussion · What Happened to Free Markets?
msg #54489
9/2/2007 12:56:47 AM

A couple of financial blogs mentioned the "Plunge Protection Team" or PPT

We may not agree with its role of modern-day Moses, but we need to recognize its impacts.

Disclaimer: For entertainment only. Bush and Bernanke may think of themselves as saviors. But I have no intention of blasphemy. Phew!

General Discussion · Trading Blogs
msg #54199
8/19/2007 1:38:11 AM

You may be interested in some links to good read at the "Big Picture" blog

e.g. Barron's, Fortune, "Ratings Agencies 2007 = Equity Analysts 2000 ?",

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