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General Discussion · THEY MAKE IT TOO EASY!
msg #70742
1/16/2009 10:54:07 AM

Another email in my inbox from the same guy:

So Should You

Last year, the world’s most famous investor took big bites out of Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific and Burlington Northern.

Freight volume’s down, the economy’s in the ditch and fuel prices are up, so what does Buffett know that you don’t?

Rail: A Power Play

Rail stocks are a 3-way power-play.

Only the Best!

Right now, barely 1 stock in 300 is even worth considering.

Inflation, high levels of debt, volatility, earnings slowdowns, shrinking margins, deteriorating fundamentals or just horrible volatility are battering over 98% of the nearly 5,000 stocks we track every day!

What about the other 2%?

They are simply: The best.

They RADIATE ceaseless growth, way into the future.

The economy is bringing customers to their doors every day.

In a world where nothing is certain, the power of these stocks to build your wealth and to lay a sound foundation for your own future is profound and seemingly inevitable.

You must SHUN stocks that do not measure up to this gold standard.

You must EMBRACE those precious few stocks that you can count on.

Make sure here.
First, rail is super efficient—4 times more efficient than trucks. A train can haul one ton of freight 423 miles on one gallon of diesel.

Second, rail’s big cargo is coal. Half the country’s electricity comes in the form of coal, and 65% of that is hauled by rail.

Third, rail is the only way ethanol can be transported since it cannot be piped. Eighty new ethanol plants are planned to be built alongside rail tracks, adding 12 billion gallons of freight to the rails in the next 20 months.

Better yet, railroad managers are getting smarter at their jobs—speeding up transit times by as much as 10% and boosting fuel efficiency by 3%. This isn’t happening anywhere else in shipping.

That’s why we’re seeing railroads revise their earnings estimate upwards. Union Pacific, a top Blue Chip Growth buy, beat estimates soundly in the last quarter and revised estimates upwards for 2009. That puts the stock at less than 10 times 2009’s earnings—a steal.

But, Good as Union Pacific
Is, You Can Do Better!

Union Pacific was up 17% in 2 weeks recently, showing that this traditional slow-coach has really got some get-up-and-go. Nevertheless, this is not my favorite rail stock right now.

This railroad reports earnings on January 20, what’s impressive is the company’s earnings momentum. Wall Street is thirsty for earnings momentum the way a lost tribe in the desert is thirsty for water.

Buy this top rail stock this week before earnings are announced.


A quick check here on SF & you see there are 16 Railroad companies. shows only 1 reporting next Tuesday -- CSX. I'm in.

msg #68860
10/28/2008 1:59:19 PM

TRO is the best. Makes money for me almost every day I do what he's taught.

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #68803
10/26/2008 9:13:18 AM

This thread has to be one of the best, if not _the_ best I've ever read on SF.

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #68625
10/21/2008 10:24:35 AM

Thank you for such a great thread.

Some mechanical questions about AAPL today...

Open 96.95.
BZ triggered well after open.
1) So when I see 97.05, I enter a buy order for 97.15?
Relying on price-improvement to get me in?

Then the stop triggered a few seconds later.
2) When I see 96.85, I enter a sell order for what?
96.85 and 'hope' for a fill?
96.75 and 'hope' for a fill?
96.00 and be sure of a price-improved fill?

3) Now, as I type this, the long BZ was entered again.
I try again, right? Since the gap has not been filled
nor has the open + 1.00 been made.

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #67306
9/15/2008 6:41:42 PM

Super textbook AAPL buyzone today.
Open at 142.03, immediately started filling the gap then went on to > 147.5.
My strategy today was to use the buy zone to trigger my entry into a couple of different AAPL option contracts. When AAPL hit 142.15 I bought 2 contracts then when AAPL had made $1 I was out.

TRO, later in the day, around 13:45, the short BZ was entered. Do you use the BZ then? Or just at open? One would have had to endure $2.50 in pain to get that last $1....

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General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #67277
9/14/2008 2:41:50 PM

chetron, can you do that slower, in english? :)

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #67274
9/14/2008 9:07:55 AM

TRO, AAPL juice was tasty all week :) -- good way to start the day.

Am I correct in understanding that this method would have had me _not_ trading AAPL on Friday?

You say:


On the Friday chart, there was a huge gap down, so my first trade should have been a long at +0.10 - +0.20. Since price never went above open, no trade?

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #67262
9/13/2008 5:40:44 PM

On BabyPips, this thread developed into a fantastic teaching device allowing for great dialogue between TRO and those interested in his techniques. With that in mind, I would like to try getting the same dialogue here -- for TRO's buyzone, milk-the-cows, AAPL-juicing methods. This past week I did some AAPL juicing and had my best trading week ever.

Though I didn't trade the Buy Zone on Friday, it was textbook BuyZone for AAPL.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Open was 150.91, so if I understand this correctly, one would go short at 150.81. Price never went above open so it should have been an easy stress-free ride all the way down to 147 or beyond.

Personally, I was too slow so waited for a bounce. At 148 I had green candle and it looked like a bounce. The gap from Thursday's 152.5x close was still there so I went long. There was $1 to make there but I didn't take it and just let it keep falling. Around 10:45, I doubled my position at 147.10 then got out at 147.8 -- breaking even after commissions.

Lots to learn there:
1) if I'd just done the buyzone I could've made > $4.
2) if I'd not been greedy on the first early entry, I could've made $1
3) if I'd not been shaken by having to double up at the proper bounce time, I could've $3 in that direction

General Discussion · RDN
msg #66347
8/18/2008 8:45:06 AM

Gosh I hate getting into these threads but this time I have to. Riggs (or as many people lovingly refer to you -- WALL STREET PEN*S) you are full of it, and yourself. Avery and I both went long ABK around 4.10. I got spooked and got out way early. It ran up to 4.50 or so, Avery took profit, waited on a retrace and got back in somewhere in the 4.1x's. He then got out Friday (from Mexico, no less). As a matter of fact, here is the email Avery sent me Thursday night"

"Did you see ABK today? My sell was in for $10... just changed it to $5.00 to lock in profit tomorrow...."

Filter Exchange · Run Forest, Run
msg #65282
7/20/2008 5:05:36 PM

So do I! These are great. Thanks!

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