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Announcements · My Filters and Filter Email Changes
msg #31590
4/2/2004 12:45:39 AM

So what is the nature of the limit exactly? Is it total results or bytes in file or something else? Thanks.

General Discussion · Just a Heads Up
msg #31506
3/24/2004 12:56:01 PM


I use the 15 min chart setting routinely, and saw the stoch cross with HAUP at 10:45AM on the 22nd. Just after that I got in. And you are correct, it coincided with a bounce off the support line that I had drawn at around 5.30. Upon closer examination of my entry I see that I jumped the gun on the "turning green" cue, as I sometimes do when there is a good recovery from the day's low (tail formation) and the stochs support an entry.


General Discussion · Just a Heads Up
msg #31503
3/23/2004 6:12:11 PM

I love using trendlines. The chart of every stock that I own has a trendline or two I have drawn on it, plus the EMA13 and 20 locked in. The support lines provide an added bit of information, and inspire confidence when they are respected and concern when they are violated. What I find fascinating about your recent posts on filter-based picks with green entry-signal, wallman, is that your filters seem to have a way of either finding stocks at fundamental support levels or at key psychological reversal points that are not readily discernable through TLs or common MA's.

Many of the returns from your "box" filters for instance find stocks that have pulled back from a recent new high and then when consolidation is "sufficient" (which may or may not have any relation to a TL or MA), the bounce occurs. But while my trendlines may not contribute much in some of these cases, the practice of waiting for "green" to hold almost always does.

Thanks for your filters and the picks that you post from time to time on this thread. Your box filter, which I ran on Monday, gave me HAUP. I got in Monday on green that held. Today it popped for over 25%. In yesterday at 5.41, out near eod today at 6.85. Indebted to you and your filters.


General Discussion · New To This
msg #30091
12/1/2003 7:13:08 PM


Sounds like you'd find great interest in the Muddy Method trading group. We look for stocks that have been going down and are at/near their bottoms. We use what's called the Muddy Method filter as our flagship filter.

You can read more about this in the thread begun by wallman (aka Muddy) entitled bollinger bands-- on page 2 of the Filter Exchange section. Or, you can dive right in and look at the posts and files in the Muddy Group itself, which you can find at

--Come join us, it's a very informative and supportive group.


General Discussion · Help TOMB! Filter Brain-Teaser
msg #29937
11/18/2003 8:43:39 PM

Thanks gladlynt. You make sense. Mrknd responded to me with a similar bottom-line conclusion in a Muddy Method Group post. Appreciate having two thinkers concur.


General Discussion · Help TOMB! Filter Brain-Teaser
msg #29877
11/14/2003 7:44:57 PM

TOMB (or anyone else for that matter),

I am puzzed to discover under what conditions, if any, a search for stocks where the close reached a new 20 day high 10 days ago would NOT also find the stocks where the close reached a new 52 week high 10 days ago.

Here's the thing. I have been running the following filter: "show stocks where the close reached a new 52 week high within the last 10 days and price is between 1 and 10." Then I thought, I will "throw the net wider" and catch more stocks, which will include the recent 52 week high stocks, by using the following filter: "show stocks where the close reached a new 20 day high within the last 10 days and price is between 1 and 10."

This 2nd filter does indeed incorporate all of the stocks found by the first filter, at least in the dozens of times I have run them. At one point it seemed clear to me that this would be the case-- at least on the intuitive level-- but now, as I think about it, I'm hard pressed to logically explain it, or even that it is true in all cases. Seems like there should be some exceptions that I am not noticing.

This has become something of a brain teaser for me, and I can't wrap my simple gray matter around it. Might a clue be found in the "last 10 days" part of the filter?

So, if the reason why filter 2 incorporates results from filter 1 is clear to you, could you explain it to me please? What general rule, such as "ANY greater period high will be a subset of searches specifying a lesser period high" can apply here? And if the phrase, "within the last X days" is a delimiting factor, what price action within that 10 day period might EXCLUDE a new 52-week high stock filter return from appearing?

My brain can't seem to get it. Thanks for your help.


Filter Exchange · RSI(2) - The Little Indicator That Could
msg #29475
10/25/2003 3:17:58 AM

Joe, you are probably not aware of how tasteless it is to keep advertising your 2-cent site on this 2-million dollar site. I hope someone brings it to your attention soon. --BJ

General Discussion · Is there a way to filter out stocks with low spreads
msg #28438
9/9/2003 6:40:26 PM banks make money by capturing the spread between the interest they pay on deposits and the interest they make on loans. You need Direct Access to capture the spread as you describe, correct? I'm curious, do you use an ECN like Archipelago? -- BJ

General Discussion · Buy/Sell at Market or Limit?
msg #28420
9/8/2003 11:56:33 PM

PS. Thanks EWZuber for the helpful comments. BTW, IB = ? --BJ

General Discussion · Buy/Sell at Market or Limit?
msg #28419
9/8/2003 11:51:33 PM

I use Scottrade for now and they require that stop sell orders be placed 0.25 below the bid. I'm just about fed up with that. For smaller priced stocks that you want to keep a tight trailing stop in place, the 0.25 gap can be just too much. So I have been resorting to straight-out market sell orders when my mental stop is hit. Others face this same problem? --BJ

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