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Filter Exchange · Filter for slope of EMA(34)
msg #31069
2/13/2004 2:24:39 PM

Assuming your "number of days" is 15, and the percent change you want is at least 10%, does this do the trick?

set{oldema,ema(34) 15 days ago}
set{diff,newema - oldema}
set{pctchg,diff / oldema}
add column diff
add column pctchg
draw oldema
draw newema
pctchg > .1
and price between 2 and 20
and average volume(30) > 250000

Obviously, changing the price range and volume to suit your needs...

This returned over 170 matches from last night's close, so I'm assuming (a) the time frame and/or % change is way off [I just took a stab in the dark...], or (b) you have other criteria?

This also assumes you are looking for the average slope over the period, and not for each individual day. (Although, the later could be done in a similar manner, with a whole lot more tedium!)

I'd be interested in hearing what you plan on doing with this. (I'm always open to new ideas...)



General Discussion · Broker discussion
msg #30854
1/27/2004 7:38:07 PM


I believe this is a new SEC rule - you must have a margin account to trade with unsettled funds. You don't actually USE the margin (necessarilly), but you have to have Margin set up. Ameritrade just started with this rule, too. Unfortunately, you can't get margin on an IRA account. IMHO, this REALLY rots, and is simply another squeeze on the little guy. If I sell a stock today that's gonna settle in 3 days, I should be able to buy a stock that will also settle in 3 days. It should be the broker's responsibility that each party to the trade has the funds to execute it. I can see not allowing an option or mutual fund buy that may settle in less than 3 days...

I have both E*Trade and Ameritrade accounts. I'm kinda split between which I like better. Being a Linux user, I really like the fact that Ameritrade's Command Center (java based account management, trading, charts, real time level I & II, Last Sale [ticker]) runs in Mozilla (although not perfectly), where E*Trade's Power E*Trade (or whatever they call it) won't (last I checked). This is the main reason I don't switch all of my accounts to E*Trade. My biggest peve with Ameritrade is the fact that some of the news articles are missing "bullet point" or "table-type" information. (These show in a different font within the article on E*Trade, so I know there's something in the formatting that's causing Ameritrade to drop that portion. Ameritrade's response to my complaints has been "We get that from a data provider. We'll tell them.") Often, this is the main information of the news item. Another thing I like about E*Trade over Ameritrade is that you can "link" accounts to one logon ID, where for Ameritrade you have to sign off one account and on to another. Commissions are quite close (9.99 vs 10.99 for stocks). One last comment - If you're thinking about Ameritrade, you might want to consider Freetrade is run by Ameritrade, but has a different commission schedule which is less than Ameritrade, but some of the services are not there.


General Discussion · SOOOOOO Confused!!!
msg #30774
1/23/2004 4:13:28 PM


Try all of the screens listed on the Home Page as "starting points" <GRIN>! Or combine a couple together. That's how I started (very recently joined)...


General Discussion · Filter
msg #30772
1/23/2004 3:28:04 PM

If you would post what you have for the filter, what you use for entry/exit, and what you think can be improved, I would at least take a look and see what I can do. I'm still a bit new at TA, so I may or may not be able to help. But, at least I'll give it a try. And we all can learn something along the way...


Filter Exchange · need a good filter for rolling stock.HEELLLPPPP!
msg #30741
1/21/2004 3:10:53 PM

How 'bout starting with one of the rolling filters from the home page (called Channel Filters), and adjust accordingly???


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