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General Discussion · R U Using Think or Swim
msg #122580
1/22/2015 12:40:37 AM

I keep $50 in my TOS account so I won't run into an issue with them closing the account.

General Discussion · S&P 500 list isn't up to date
msg #119271
4/29/2014 11:17:44 PM

The S&P list is the only one that I've checked which isn't up to date. Sounds like there are some more according to others in this forum. If the data isn't accurate from the data provider that we're all paying for, maybe it's time to switch to better one.

General Discussion · MA(200) inconsistent
msg #119270
4/29/2014 11:16:12 PM

Any insight on what causes the difference in how MAs are calculated?

General Discussion · S&P 500 list isn't up to date
msg #119219
4/25/2014 8:10:20 PM

GMCR also isn't on the SF S&P 500 list. StockFetcher, can you please weigh in on when the last time the S&P 500 list was updated?

General Discussion · MA(200) inconsistent
msg #119217
4/25/2014 5:04:51 PM

This may not necessarily be a SF error, but I just noticed inconsistencies in how SMA(200) is calculated. For example, AMAT's MA(200) is currently $17.51 on SF. currently has it at $17.39 (link here). In ThinkorSwim on the charts tab it's consistent with SF ($17.51), but on the Prophet chart it's $17.39. Is this because SF calculates the moving averages off of the close while others such as and the Prophet chart in TOS calculate it off of the adjusted close? AMAT pays out a quarterly $0.10 dividend. Just curious since this is the first time I've noticed different ways MA's are calculated across various sites and platforms.

General Discussion · S&P 500 list isn't up to date
msg #119210
4/25/2014 2:58:02 PM

Noticed that DAL isn't in the SF S&P 500 list. How accurate is the current list and how often do you update it?

msg #117859
1/22/2014 10:47:28 PM

For what it's worth, AAPL reports earnings on 1/27 after the market closes. When trading spreads it's best to avoid earnings reports.

General Discussion · Honor this real hero.
msg #117613
1/6/2014 12:29:42 AM

Great story and a true hero for our nation, but a quick google search shows that he passed away on August 20, 2008.

Apparently the story about his passing recirculates quite a bit for whatever the news of the hour is (e.g. Michael Jackson passing, Chris Brown beating, Whitney Houston passing, Lindsay Lohan shenanigans, Sandusky scandal, Kim Kardashian marriage to Kris Humphries). Take a look at

General Discussion · Looking for an inexpensive trading platform.
msg #117520
12/26/2013 3:08:41 AM

Look into Interactive Brokers.

General Discussion · Volatility Stops
msg #117286
12/8/2013 3:57:32 PM

Is this an example of the volatility stop calculation that you're requesting?


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