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Filter Exchange · question
msg #76132
7/8/2009 2:42:15 PM


thanks great website

Filter Exchange · question
msg #76114
7/7/2009 9:37:24 PM

is their away to create a filter so we could see what sector money is moving in and out off. sector roataton kinda thing. looks like alot of money is moving into healthcare and out of energy ,,,,,,

Filter Exchange · johnpaulca
msg #76106
7/7/2009 12:53:40 PM

can u share with me your fav bollinger filter for bear and bull market... thanks.. just trying to learn... would really appreciate it. thanks

Filter Exchange · johnpaulca
msg #76095
7/7/2009 6:24:33 AM

I was wondering if you could share your favorite filter. thanks in advance.

Filter Exchange · ANOTHER VOLUME FILTER.....
msg #76094
7/7/2009 5:38:17 AM

nice job

Filter Exchange · chetron
msg #76044
7/5/2009 4:30:44 PM

this is back testing very successfuly from march-july ( as you know was a major pop across all indexes ) can we get it uglier by adding some other bearish filters.

Show stocks where MA(20) crossed below MA(50) within the last 1 week
and Average Volume(90) is above 50000
and close is between 1 and 250


show stocks where MA(10) crossed below MA(50)
and RSI(14) 5 days ago was below 50

Filter Exchange · chetron
msg #76043
7/5/2009 4:02:32 PM

i've been back testingbreaks on major MA all weekend. 13/50/150/200 all seemed to really pull a stock downwards for a 1-3 day range allowing for a nice quick short scalp. the biggest brech being the 50 crossing below the 200. is thier anyway to add some filters to project a further potentail downside such as dropping of volume or macd crossover, a rsi dropping below 70 inorder to gain a little more confidence that the isolated stocks are indeed headed down. it just seems with the markets potentially moving sideways for years to come that good short filter would be what the doctor ordered. thanks for reading , sorry to blab. i'm learning and thinking at the same time. scarry.

happy 4th by the way.

Filter Exchange · Bearish cross- help ?
msg #76027
7/4/2009 2:59:47 PM

how do we add these to bearish cross ? to add more downside momo..... thanks

add column RSI(2)
add column Fast Stochastics(14,10)
add column Williams %R(10)
set{f14, fast stochastic fast %k(14)}
set{f141, fast stochastic fast %k(14) 1 day ago }

set{f14b,days(f14 is above f141, 100)}
set{f14a,days(f14 is below f141, 100)}
set{f14xf14, f14a - f14b}
add column f14xf14

Filter Exchange · Bearish cross- help ?
msg #76024
7/4/2009 12:26:48 PM

anyone ?

Filter Exchange · Bearish cross- help ?
msg #75998
7/3/2009 5:54:06 PM

anyway to make this filter a little more bearish:

close > 1 and volume > 900,000 and
dma (50) crossed below dma(200)
and ma (40) slope > 0

** like a macd crossover
** excelerated volume
** RSI at 99

anything to give it more downside momo.

happy 4th

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