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Filter Exchange · intraday filter
msg #48976
1/5/2007 9:50:52 PM

This could be really useful with some modification.
Detecting the 'fake and bake'
conditions - new 52 week high
2. bearish divergence using a seven period RSI
3. a significant decrease in volume compared to older thrusts to new highs

short the stock the day aftter it closes below the previous 52 week high

General Discussion · Unusual volume up or down, meaning?
msg #48973
1/5/2007 6:11:04 PM

I found it through TRO's mac d triple bottom filter, I bought calls on it too early. My mistake, at least I learned something. I sorted it by macdx, and it's indicator was one. Should of waited for it to rollover some more with price action.
Exit: 11.5ish

You shouldn't take advice from me though, I'm very inexperienced.

General Discussion · Unusual volume up or down, meaning?
msg #48969
1/5/2007 4:31:04 PM

You guys are probably more experienced traders then me. What could unusual volume mean? Unusual as in 3x the average. The stock i'm trading now:
Volume: 7,411,470
Avg Vol (3m): 1,858,690

Here's a chart

I've never seen anything this random before.

Filter Exchange · Eliminating gap up from filters?
msg #48867
12/30/2006 5:55:10 PM

edit: what ist he difference between 'gapup' and 'Use diffclop below 0'?

Filter Exchange · Eliminating gap up from filters?
msg #48865
12/30/2006 4:12:04 PM

I am making a simple filter based on EMA crossovers, and when I look at the trades it looks like the worst performing stocks are from one day gap ups, then dropping down immediately to hit stops.

Anyone know how to eliminate gap ups from showing up?

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