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msg #57854
12/9/2007 5:51:54 PM

Channels and support and resistance and all those other lines are great. The main problem, however, is that you really don't know they are forming until the price has moved away and the line can be drawn. For example: You couldn't have predicted the first buy signal until the price started moving north and the trend line could be drawn. Sometimes you can get lucky and a channel will long and predictable or a triangle will form. Usually the triangles can only be discerned near the end, but they often result in a good move after the price moves beyond the pattern.

Of course, I doubt you two need a lesson on intro to tech anal, but this is how I would have traded AAPL.


General Discussion · Hiya kids! Taking another poll...
msg #57842
12/9/2007 3:16:06 PM

I have been wondering just what is the story behind some of the screen names I see posting on this forum. A few of them are easy...I am guessing "johnpaulca" is is name and he lives in ca? And "curmudgeon"...well, that one isn't too hard either :)

As for me, years ago I came up with a betting strategy for even-money bets (like red or black on roulette). When I tried to create a website to promote my strategy I needed an email address.
The website never really materialized and I keep this email (@yahoo) for signing up with stuff online. Essentially, this is my junk mail address and I use the screen name for things like this!

Your turn.

General Discussion · POLITICS GOES HERE
msg #57840
12/9/2007 3:08:53 PM

Uh huh.

What happened to trying not to waste space? :)

(a smiley face can make even the meanest, most sarcastic put-down appear cordial :)

Filter Exchange · you need to use my weekly rsi<5 and 20d <0.90- its killer
msg #57826
12/9/2007 11:33:30 AM

Damn TRO, I can take a joke, you can take a joke, why can't everyone else? :)

I think the thing is that when people read forum responses they "assign" emotional inflection into the statements...for example, when most people read all caps, they think somebody is yelling, and since most people yell in anger or frustration, that is often the emotion that is assigned to STUFF WRITTEN LIKE THIS! Especially when they have read it again and again in multiple posts.

You may just be trying to get your point across, not by yelling, but by "highlighting" the most important part of your message by using caps.

But it sounds like yelling to most of us! Couple caps with curt statements and many people get the image of a holier-than-thou SF member who gets easily frustrated when people don't seem to immediately "get it".

Of course, this is likely as far from the truth as could be...but when actual emotions, vocal inflection and non-verbal expressions cannot be determined by simply reading a statement posted on a forum, this is what is implied.

I take your statements with a grain of salt. But I do have to admit, your forum threads are getting as interesting as M4M's soap opera of filter exchange posts!

Filter Exchange · Statistics for Squiggly Lines
msg #57825
12/9/2007 11:11:57 AM

Tell me again what you have against squiggly lines any why you prefer straight ones (aka statistics, right)?

Filter Exchange · you need to use my weekly rsi<5 and 20d <0.90- its killer
msg #57811
12/9/2007 1:17:54 AM

Absolutely TRO! If there is one thing I can't stand it is wasted space! Especially on the Internet! I mean, the Internet can't go on forever, can it? That means that every new person who posts a question that was answered five years ago must be bringing us one step closer to Internetual implodium.

But wait, if you think about it, your response to redundant inquiries must be the most posted comment on SF (next to your weekly "updated" filters that you change the date on). Perhaps instead of telling everyone to search for the answer, you should just post a link to one of your responses telling them to search for the answer.

Man, I am a frickin genius!

General Discussion · Picks(12-07)
msg #57810
12/9/2007 1:06:23 AM

Actually, I wanted to use the SF2.0 charts to plot some trades I have recently closed and some picks I am looking at. I was going to post a few of them (ala-POST YOUR LIVE TRADES HERE). All I wanted was the upper bollinger band...that is my sell point. More of a swing strategy than a stay-at-home-all-day-and-scalp-10cents-here-and-there strategy.

And did I mention, squiggles work for me?

The sky isn't falling...that is just the way it looks when my portfolio is zooming straight up. :)

General Discussion · Picks(12-07)
msg #57792
12/8/2007 8:09:02 PM

Hey JP, are you having any trouble with the indicators on your SF 2.0 charts? My bollinger bands and MAs are all screwed up and I can't seem to get em fixed. I also can't change the chart theme. Just wondering if this is something across the board or if I am the only person lucky enough to be getting this.

StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · Why is my SF 2.0 chart on drugs?
msg #57791
12/8/2007 7:42:07 PM


msg #57765
12/8/2007 12:22:20 PM

Before I heard your online interview and found out you're a regular guy who lives in Arizona, I had a very different mental picture of you, TRO.

I was imagining a wrinkled (rumpled, if you will) old man, probably in the 150 - 180 year-old range, living on top of a remote Himalayan mountain in Tibet. Wearing tattered robes and meditating on statistics filters, you freely give sage advice to those who seek wisdom.

The only thing I couldn't figure out was how you connected to the Internet.

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