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General Discussion · Quality list of crummy stocks?
msg #59268
1/23/2008 12:53:53 PM

During a bull market the IBD100 is great, but where can I find something similar for a bear market? Too bad they don't have an IBD 100 crappiest stocks in the crappiest industries to run short filters through. Or do they and I just miss it?

Filter Exchange · there are only 2 things you need to make millions in etfc@2.15 cfc@4.88
msg #58955
1/13/2008 3:46:51 PM

11/28/2007 12:22:58 PM

Well, Mr. Hotshot, I hope you don't make the same awe-inspiring blunder you did back in July calling the bottom since the day 1 of the market meltdown.

I say this rally will be very brief in duration, possibly no longer than 3-5 days in length. This would mean that the market should resume its downward path by sometime next week.

Good luck!

- Ignore MARY4MONEY 11/28/2007 12:31:19 PM

it will go up until end of year

- Edit message 11/28/2007 11:12:10 PM

Now hang on M4M... did you just say, no, declare that it will go up until the end of the year?

THAT is a big statement. Even though there are only about 20 days left of trading, if you are wrong people are going to remember it. Likewise, if you called it right, I suppose you reserve the right to be called the Babe Ruth of SF.

Just don't forget what you said...we will be here to remind you Jan 1 my friend."

Or later, perhaps. :)

General Discussion · Watch lists
msg #58727
1/4/2008 8:45:08 AM

IBD100 Bollinger Band Squeeze? Ah yes...and old favorite. But I have new favorites now! These are the filters I that scan the IBD100 every day and I have had excellent results.

Filter Exchange · how to filter out the right stocks that have a 90% chance of moving up strong
msg #58441
12/23/2007 11:03:13 AM


Mary4Money you are a man of mystery! So secret...all of us sheep are naked without this mysterious missing "thing" it the wool that you will pull over our eyes? hahahaha man, gimmie your address, I want to send you a Christmas present.

And another thing...if you are good enough to code your own filters beyond what the stockfetcher filter builder offers, why can't you add some brackets and make it clickable?

Keep up

Filter Exchange · need filter to rival top 20 of IBD 100 list
msg #58192
12/16/2007 3:12:14 AM

I have several filters that ping on IBD100 pullbacks. When I have several picks to choose from, I am able to look up their stock checkup and compare their industry ratings. I will usually pick the stocks with the best industries. Especially in a down market...they need all the help they can get.

Also tempted to trade SDS...the ultrashort S&P ETF

General Discussion · Post your YouTube! Favorites Here.
msg #58190
12/16/2007 3:00:39 AM

I heard this was made by Volkswagon's ad agency as a joke, never meant for release. Well, it was, and subsequently they were fired.

General Discussion · DJI
msg #58092
12/13/2007 5:24:04 PM

Hmmm...head and shoulders.

Not good for the portfolio.

Does wonders for my dandruff.

msg #58031
12/12/2007 6:51:03 PM

Wasn't that the day before Thanksgiving? If I remember correctly, it was a half-day and everything was pretty thinly traded.

General Discussion · SWING TRADING
msg #58030
12/12/2007 6:48:13 PM

With all due respect TRO, that makes no sense.

The student who studies other teachers' techniques will end up on TV in the octagon fighting others who "specialize" in Mixed Martial Arts.

And I know a hunter who came back with two rabbits once.

I leave you with an old quote found scrawled on an ancient Grecian book of learning that sums much of this debate in four words:

"hahahaha" -unknown

Filter Exchange · need filter to rival top 20 of IBD 100 list
msg #58006
12/12/2007 1:08:37 PM

I have a soft spot for the IBD100.

Best stocks in the best industries with a little pullback = great swing trades.

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