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General Discussion · 10 trading rules
msg #57902
12/10/2007 6:04:45 PM

Hey TRO, what is your opinion on the stop loss?

More often than not, I have found that a stop merely locks in my loss than saves me from the bottom falling out. But at the same time I find everyone shouting from the top of the mountiain about the importance of setting stops.

To be honest, I have lost more $$ than saved with a stop loss.

Anyone else find that to be true?

General Discussion · 10 trading rules
msg #57906
12/10/2007 7:01:30 PM

Anything can happen, you are right.

I am holding BIDZ at 40% less than I bought it for a coupla weeks ago. That isn't because I didn't set a stop, it is because I got greedy and intentionally skipped my sell signal to see if it would go higher. Oops.

In that case I can see why it would be good to have a stop. But half the time I would have locked in my losses had I used one.

General Discussion · 10 trading rules
msg #57943
12/11/2007 8:38:47 AM

I think that most of us follow the rule of Not "Listening to Opinion" since such important rules as "always use stops" are ignored.

General Discussion · A how-to query for you SF geniuses
msg #54654
9/8/2007 9:00:34 PM

Can SF filters handle "if, then" type of statements?

I want to buy when the close crosses below the EMA(20)
and sell if the high crosses the Upper Bollinger Band(20, 2)


the price keeps dropping past the EMA(20) and the close crosses the Lower Bollinger Band (20, 2), then I want to buy again...

and sell when the high crosses up the EMA (20)

and on and on and on n on n on forever.

General Discussion · A how-to query for you SF geniuses
msg #54728
9/11/2007 7:19:33 PM


Thanks for yall's input. The links helped a bit...I learned some things I didn't know. But as for the actual if then else function I guess I can do it on paper. Or set up multiple backtests and try to add em up and average them out somehow.

Oh, here is a joke I heard the other day...

How do you kill a circus?

Go for the juggler.

Filter Exchange · A short filter with a high ROI, anyone have any ideas for improvement?
msg #54922
9/18/2007 11:04:42 PM

what are your exits?

General Discussion · Ability to NOT show Volume in the SF Flash Charts
msg #57285
12/1/2007 10:46:00 AM

I dunno how ya'll feel about the home page flash chart, but I wish it were the same style as the charts that open in a separate window. I like the volume, but as a bar instead of a line graph. And I would like to be able to annotate with lines and such without having to go into my watchlist, pick one out, open a stock chart and look up the stock I want.

I do like the sliding time period, ala google finance.

And how about more naked ladies? Why can't we have more naked ladies on here SF?

General Discussion · anybody visit
msg #56212
10/30/2007 7:30:45 PM

Does anybody here ever visit

General Discussion · Are you trading every stock that your filter returns?
msg #55140
9/24/2007 8:08:51 PM

TRO, I second your statement. I enter every stock my filters pick out when my funds aren't tied up. Currently I have ten filters that do a fantastic job of picking great moves from the best stocks. My pickiest filter picked only three stocks last year, but they all rose over 15%. My loosest filter picked nearly 200 and returned 94% winners with an average of 12% gain. I agree with you entirely and I think backtesting is just a game until you fine tune it to get what you are really looking for, then it becomes a tool.

General Discussion · Are you trading every stock that your filter returns?
msg #55155
9/24/2007 8:48:35 PM

I have. I posted one of em on the filter exchange forum a coupla weeks ago. I don't mind giving them all to you, but I think what most people shy away from is that they are all applied to the IBD100. The 100 best companies updated weekly plus a plethora of highly-selective, proven chart patterns give me about three stocks per week to trade. I enter with half or 1/3 of my pot and almost always exit with more money than I started.

If you want em I can copy and paste everything I have got if there is real interest.

I just hope people aren't disappointed because most of them are pretty simple one or two lines of code. KISS really works.

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