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Filter Exchange · MACD, DM and CCI Strategy by bogusexception
msg #73678
4/19/2009 5:21:16 PM

I just got strategy desk... if I read this right the MACD is climbing but the +di(14) is below the -di(14) and the adx is below the +di(14)... can you explain the logic of this Trading Strategy a little more.


Filter Exchange · higher highs on ADX
msg #73302
4/4/2009 7:19:58 AM

I attended a webinar with Dr. Schapp the other day. He teaches about the adx dmi indicator. I have been using +di(14) and -di(14) crosses a lot in my trading. One thing that I heard that was a little new was to look for a higher high in the adx. Now he teaches that for bullish stocks the adx and +di(14) need to be above 25. Is there a way to have SF search for stocks that are making a new high in the adx. Could it even search for stocks where the first high was below 25 and the second high was above 25.

Thanks ahead of time.

Filter Exchange · Chicken and Egg: Technicals, news and Market conditions
msg #73191
4/1/2009 9:13:18 AM

I think news trumps technicals ... for example during earnings reports it doesn't really matter what the tech signals are saying it all depends how the market reacts to the earnings report.

Filter Exchange · big incredible filter for you called rsi(2) power scan
msg #73017
3/23/2009 5:00:12 AM

I think that was the target on a pullback. This filter is great and I have been exploring it this weekend and think I have some ideas on what the data is telling me. But Mary can you clarify how you use it for entries and exits. What type of sorts do you do on the data and what does that tell you as far as what should happen if the setup is correct.


Filter Exchange · big incredible filter for you called rsi(2) power scan
msg #72996
3/21/2009 12:01:06 PM

First I'd like to thank you for this filter and tell you how much I really appreciate all the work that gets done on this site.

Can you please explain this filter a little more. At what point do you go long or short. I noticed that if RSI(2)-1 is higher then RSI(2) that might be a place to buy a put, and vice a versa. Is that what you are looking at for a signal of reversal. Or are you just doing a sort on the RSI(2) column and if its above 90 or so you go long and if it's below 15 or so you go short.

Thanks again

Filter Exchange · John Carter's use of Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels
msg #72881
3/17/2009 11:46:26 PM

I was listening to a web broadcast on Think or Swim today and they had a guest trader who uses something that Carter came up with using BB(20) and Keltner channels(1.5). The idea is that a "squeeze" occurs when the upper and lower BB are both contained within the Keltner Channels for a period of time. This trader had created code to build a TOS chart with a histogram which indicated when the BB left the Keltner channels either through the upper channel or the lower channel. He called this histogram a squeeze indicator.

I'm not sure if SF can create such a histogram but more importantly can SF select stocks that have been in this "squeeze" condition for awhile and then create a list of those stocks for either bullish or bearish entries based upon the BB escaping the keltner channels.

Thanks ahead a time.

Filter Exchange · how bush screwed us in 2007 aug
msg #72230
3/7/2009 7:29:33 PM

I hesitate bringing up politics on this site because I know that's not what it's really here for but let's not forget the time bomb that Barney Frank and Meeks set along with Maxine Waters and the Black Caucus. If you have an open mind please go to YOUTUBE and search under "FNMA Meeks" and you'll see something that Barney is denying ... like Shakespere's line.. 'me thinks he protests too much". You can see for yourselves that the dems are reaming... no pun intended.. the accountant who is raising the red flag on FNMA and Freddie Mac execs cooking the books in order to give mortgages to people who don't qualify. Franks sneers at the regulator and says the gov will never have to bail out the mortgage companies and they all attack this poor guy, ridiculing him for bringing up "trumped up charges" about fnma and freddie giving out these mortgages. The poor guy at one point says, " hey I wasn't the guy who cooked the books' . Waters defends fnma and freddie and then praises them for their success in giving out a record number of "100 pecent" mortgages to poor people. The repubs and Bush tried to regulate fnma and freddie but were afraid of being called "racist" by the dems. These unforseen consequences was the time bomb that the democrats set that went off in Bush's last year. And now they're in charge ... give me a break...

Sorry about bringing up politics on this site ... I really value all the work done here to find put opportunities .. giving what Obama is doing to the market... I just wanted to point out the youtube site so you can see with your own eyes the history of this problem and understand one of the main reasons we are in this mess. It's something that you'll probably never see highlighted on CNN or MSNBC but it's telling when you see them with your own eyes despite their protestations and cover up.

Good trading..

Filter Exchange · Changing Bollinger Band Parameters
msg #71635
2/21/2009 1:02:30 PM

Wow, that's great ... when I "backtest" looking at the results from date offset this looks like a great way to buy puts if the CCI(5) makes a point. If the CCI(5) continues up then it looks like a short pullback and a chance to go long again. Chetron would you please code it for the call side as well.

If you listen to the web chat, one thing that David talked about was using the moving average Bollinger Band of 10, .8 -.8. He would look for a break out above that BB with anything within those standard deviations as being defined as noise. Would you be able to incorporate the BB(10,.8) as well.

Thanks again in advance.

Filter Exchange · Changing Bollinger Band Parameters
msg #71526
2/19/2009 7:40:15 AM

Yesterday I listened to a person from They use a bollinger with the setting of displacement: 10 upperband .8 and lower band - .8 . I tried to find where I could change the BB settings in SF but couldn't find where to change the default of 20. They use this with the CCI moving average 50 crossing either the -100 or +100.

How would you code this in SF.

Thanks in advance.

Filter Exchange · Filter to screen for exact ranges of OPTION strke prices
msg #71136
2/2/2009 4:54:33 PM

Wow it's amazing you wrote this so many yrs ago. I got it to work for two sets but can't seem to work it out for three. I guess I don't understand exactly how to use sets here. This is what I tried to do. If you can show me how to string these sets I'd really appreciate it.

/* Permission to publish or post on any other forum DENIED */
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------*/
set{A, count(close between 30 and 31, 1)}
set{B, count(close between 40 and 41, 1)}
set{C, count(close between 50 and 51, 1)}
set{OR1, A + B+C} show stocks where OR1 above 0

It works for a set{OR1, A+B) but not for A+B+C


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