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Filter Exchange · Triple Exponential Moving Average
msg #93271
5/29/2010 8:31:53 AM

I did a search for a TEMA but found something called TRIX which I'm not sure is the same thing. For example Ameritrade does have a TEMA but you can't filter for it. How would you code a crossover strategy where TEMA( 10 ) crosses above TEMA (30) .

Thanks ahead of time,


Filter Exchange · Hockey Sticks
msg #93072
5/23/2010 7:15:39 PM

stocks are optionable
close above 20
show stocks where close is below resistance(65,10)
and slope of rsi(2) is between -0.001 and 0.001
and close is above 10

Filter Exchange · Hockey Sticks
msg #93071
5/23/2010 7:14:07 PM

I did a search on the word flat and modified this code from tomb in 2004 to look for a flat rsi(2) line based on the slope of the line. The idea is that from here a high stick or low stick would be formed and tell the direction of the stock's next move. ... hope you find it interesting.


Filter Exchange · Detrended Price Oscillator
msg #93056
5/23/2010 12:35:33 AM

I've been looking at the DPO indicator but can't seem to use it with SF. What I would like to see is when DPO crosses the lower bollinger band (10,.8) from above. Is there a way to code this with SF.



Filter Exchange · Hockey Sticks
msg #92880
5/18/2010 6:41:02 PM

I've been learning some interesting patterns from Dave Elliot. He has this idea of a setup where the rsi(2) or CCI (5) forms a flat line ... the object is to then look for a "hockey stick" pattern to be formed. An example of this would be aapl during 4/21 and 4/23 on the rsi(2). as well as 5/10 to 5/12 with a slightly ascending but flat line on the rsi(2) , the cci (5) is also forming an almost flat line.

Is there a way to have SF search for stocks with this pattern.

Thanks ahead of time,


Filter Exchange · What is the most consistent way to make 1% gain?
msg #92292
5/7/2010 11:03:12 AM

Well what a wild ride !!!!!!... I just used 2 contracts at market orders instead of limit orders ... and I'm profitable and out, even though it set up as a long trade to fill the gap.... I closed the position as it filled the gap. From reading the archives you can play either way once it fills the gap .... which were profitable puts ... thanks for the system .... it made me money today.. but I have a question...

After aapl filled the gap at what pt do you place the next trade.... I could have bought puts at gap fill but waited till it went -.10 from the previous open ... what is the proper spot...

I wonder if I can do this every day... I also used John Carters Histograms to find a good point to take profits, seemed to work.

I was wondering if ISRG could be used with this MTC ... it makes some huge moves..

Thanks again,


Filter Exchange · What is the most consistent way to make 1% gain?
msg #92261
5/6/2010 10:24:08 PM

Isn't 1 percent a day a compounding number .. so at some point you would be violating a lot of position sizing rules.

But thanks for the reference to MTC ... I have been reading some of the archives and trying to test them using TOS simulation. It seems pretty remarkable.

So far I've gotten that you set the previous close as the target, and then fade to it from the open +/- .10. Still not sure what the take profits signal should be.

I've heard that gap fills occur 80 percent of the time but the thread showed goog fslr and aapl as the stocks that qualify. . Is that because they have a better then 80 percent chance?

I wonder if there is a problem with whiplash with this method. ... AAPL on the 1 min simulation is a really wild animal.

I still not sure what the mid line is used as.

I take it that the stop loss is the other side of the buy zone +/- .10.

Are there any pros here that are good at using this technique. I was hoping to try it with options on AAPL and was wondering if that was feasible because of things like delta lag where the value does not keep up with the actual stock. But with aapl at it's current high values I can't see using the actual stock any time soon.

Thanks again ... I'm still reading the archives but could use some insight with people that are doing this day in and day out. After todays huge lost in the mkts I wonder what this MTC will do tomorrow.


Are there any pros here that are consistantly using this MTC

Filter Exchange · New Bearish Signal on SPY and QQQQ
msg #91930
5/2/2010 9:54:19 AM

I agree we have to be careful that this might not be a bearish trend yet. On the spy the -di is expanding above the +di but the adx is still moving down. So I won't actually try to put on bearish trades right now until the adx begins to increase.

But I was really interested in what are the better bearish filters on SF to start examining now. If anyone could provide any insight on that I'd appreciate it. Put trades are always harder for me for some reason.



Filter Exchange · New Bearish Signal on SPY and QQQQ
msg #91907
5/1/2010 2:50:19 PM

Sorry I lost who wrote this but someone wrote this great code that I have been watching, I really thank them, it has kept me in bullish trades, even though the pullbacks.

set{LRItrigger, CEMA(CEMA(LRI(7),7),7)}
set{LRIsignal, slope of CEMA(CEMA(LRI(7),7),7)}

set{BUY, count(sign(LRIsignal) above 0,1)}
set{SELL, count(sign(LRIsignal) below 0,1)}

draw SELL on plot trigger
draw BUY on plot trigger
draw LRItrigger on plot price

draw LRIsignal line at 0
chart-time is 3 months

add column BUY
add column SELL
add column ema(10)
add column ema(50)

After this long bullish signal it has finally given a sell signal on the spy on the Q's.

I was wondering if there were any really good bearish filters that people have posted in SF. Most of the posts I've followed seem to be bullish. Perhaps a Bear Flag type of filter or bouncing down from R1 type. I've mostly done bullish trades.



Filter Exchange ·  Percentage Hughes AD Oscillator with 8 Parameters
msg #90725
4/2/2010 8:50:31 PM

I was reading a review of a book by Colby, Robert W., The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Publishing, 2003 where he states that on page 52 and 53 he gives the results of an extensive study of all the technical indicators with 100 dollars and found how effective they were. The indicators that I am used to such as rsi stochastic, macd etc gave like a -1.6 to .18 times advantage over buy and hold. The Percentage Hughes AD Oscillator with 8 Parameters was 187 thousand times as effective. I tried to find some information on how this oscillator works but got no where. Has anyone here ever heard of it and if so can it be coded in SF. Or maybe Colby just wants us to buy his book.. It was interesting that all the normal TA indicators we use did so poorly in his results.



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