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Stock Picks and Trading · Seemingly 100% trading Syste
msg #132843
11/27/2016 9:41:21 PM

Here is another post your A-Hole-e-ness. If curing you is a threat to your life, you really love your own stupidity to death. lol

Stick by this claim your A-Hole-e-ness, I would love for you to pursue it. Just make one claim and stand by it, just one, even if it is this restraining order BS.

Stock Picks and Trading · Seemingly 100% trading Syste
msg #132841
11/27/2016 9:22:44 PM

MoFu, trading, which you know nothing about, and conning people, which you are - so lamely – trying to do, both require intelligence and self-confidence; both you are severely lacking; so let me spell it out for you…..
I don’t have to prove anything to you or to anyone else because I never made a claim to be the greatest trader ever born, I never called myself the “Messiah” and I never tried to defraud forum’s members by selling them some BS trading systems while condescendingly calling them “degenerate gamblers”.
You on the other hand, did all of that and I am calling your BS and the scum you are. You asking me to show you my own trades is like a snake oil sleazebag asking a whistle blower who is calling out his BS to show his own medicine. Well, he never claimed to have one to begin with. You get the idea your A-Hole-e-ness?!
You are the one with a lot to prove and lots of BS claims to backup, not me; and if you call the defecting you deposit on your other thread a “proof”, you are just an idiot who thinks everyone else is just as dumb or dumber.
For the love of shlytes man, you just asked me to “celebrate you”!!! Seriously dude?! … celebrate you???!!! Did your mother used to spank you when you wet your bed or something?! What in the hell is wrong with you?!
Seriously dude, seek help … take pills or electric shocks or whatever. Or better yet, let me know where to meet you and I will cure you permanently. In the meantime, stop trying to defraud people on this site because I am calling every piece if shit you post from now on. You want to prove me wrong, you’re a-Hole-e-ness – here is how to do it…
Post all your trades in this format for a quarter, unedited, not a single edit

Trade ID : XXXX-Entry (the same ID with exist to close the trade in a totally different post)
Ticker :
Number of Shares :
Direction :
Entry price :
Trade Time Zone (EST, etc)

Do that for a quarter you’re a-Hole-e-ness. You know what, do it for a month and then talk about how much of a “Messiah” you are.
Knowing that your IQ is that of a dinner plate, I am sure you comprehended nothing, retained nothing, will do nothing other than posting again asking me to post my own trades.

Stock Picks and Trading · Seemingly 100% trading Syste
msg #132838
11/27/2016 7:23:42 PM

MF, of curse you said you are done and of course you edited your opinion after posting it and you decided you are not done. This is just what you always do, case in point. I on the other hand got some news for you, I am not done with you yet, MF.

you need medical help, seriously. Count the number of edited posts you have on your BS thread and divide them by the total number of posts and multiply by 100 (before your fuzzy little head explodes, this is how you calculate percentage) and post this number you great A hole.

The only thing great about you is how pathetic you are and how disparately you are seeking assurance. Get help and stop trying to fraud your way into life A hole

Stock Picks and Trading · Seemingly 100% trading Syste
msg #132835
11/27/2016 6:03:41 PM

Post them? Like you post yours, edit yours, contradict yours, edit them again?
You are the biggest fraud stockfetcher ever known and I was here way before people like you appear on this site, bottom feeder.

Unlike you, I am not trying to sell a donkey balls system (because you got neither) to people you called "degenerate gamblers" Here is your post from the other largest BS on SF page 245 before you edit it
2,455 posts
msg #132400
- Ignore shillllihs 11/7/2016 6:16:33 PM

Relax Joan, there's nobody here but a few degenerate gamblers. Do you really think there are more than 9 out here? Set your alarm so you're not late for the factory in the morn.
Joan has to work.
Is this how you think of the people here who are trying to learn how to be good traders. You come here and exploit them to your advantage with your BS systems that you yourself don't know how to code or test and asking someone else to do the job for you while you are charging a $49 a month going for $1999 soon to "degenerate gamblers"?

I would ask you how to sleep at night but I think I know the answer, hanging down from the ceiling of your cave.

Stock Picks and Trading · Seemingly 100% trading Syste
msg #132831
11/27/2016 5:27:34 PM

Do you have hard time reading man?! Are you an uneducated dump who quickly revert to name calling like a high school bitch instead of discussing like an intelligent being.

What states you are talking about? Do you have a states yourself? or do you call this truck load of shit you keep posting about your imaginary wins a "Stats"?

Stock Picks and Trading · Seemingly 100% trading Syste
msg #132826
11/27/2016 3:34:32 PM

Anyone who still obsessed with a 100% trading system is not a trader to begin with. Trading is like any other business; and like restaurants get rid of bad ingredients and framers lose crops to weather and fishermen burn gas and catch nothing sometimes, you will also have losses and wins. This is just the nature of the business itself, the sooner you will accept the fact and stop chasing a ghost, the better trader you will be. Your true objective in business should be two folds; A) is for the losses not to wipe you out and B) for your wins to be greater your losses.

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #132751
11/23/2016 4:21:38 PM

How did it work out for you, Eman?

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #132623
11/18/2016 5:24:11 PM

You mean over bought.

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #132021
10/19/2016 8:08:14 PM

I think the point Kevin is trying to make has nothing to do with greed or fear, it is simply that we enter the trade and expose our capital to risk based on – what we consider to be – good technical reasons; so it makes sense not to exist without one or on an impulse. It is not about the extra money we could have made, it is about perfecting our techniques as traders.

I am guilty of the same. I called the most recent down move in EURUSD and USDJPY. I actually held two short positions in both and captured only 25% of the move. I had no reason to exist other than preserving capital (this is a sugar coated, collage talk for fear).

I agree that woulda, coulda, shoulda is extremely unhealthy practice in our field or any filed for that matter but looking back on our trades and studying our mistakes not to pity them or ourselves but rather to learn from these mistakes and try our best not to repeat them is - IMHO - a healthy exercise as long as we keep all negative emotions out of it. Just my $0.02

General Discussion · STRENGTH FILTER ENTRY POINTS ? ? ?
msg #98702
1/22/2011 2:32:58 PM

What can you use as an entry signal that will distinguish between stocks that have undergone a short surge from those on a true upward trend?

I am not sure how is the entry signal will distinguish between the two above mentioned scenarios!

Maybe I am not clear on what exactly you are asking. If your question is how to identify a strong up trend, stocks in an uptrend are identified by the slop of of EMAs, the relative position of of two EMAs (slow and fast with the fast being > slow and both sloping upwards), trend lines, the vast majority of the price is between the fast EMA and the upper price channel or Bollinger Band, etc.

On the other hand, if you are asking where to enter after you have already identified your uptrend, I follow Dr. Alex Elder approach of entering in or very close to the value zone. He defines the value zone as the area between the two EMAs. Profit taking will eventually pull the price back from extreme highs to the value zone. You should wait - patiently - for this to happen before you get in. Once the price is in the value zone, you buy with a stop below the slow EMA. Once the price start moving to your favor, move the stop to breakeven and wait for your target to hit, normally the upper channel. Then it is your decision to get out, scale out or trail stops. Not all up trended stocks return back to the VZ, it might take off without you of course leaving you questioning your strategy and bite your nails. However, this strategy has much better odds of success than chasing. Hope this answers your question. if not, feel free to prob.

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