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General Discussion · IRS - paycheck withholding calculation
msg #147295
4/10/2019 11:14:08 AM

That's always what we need. More bureaucracy. :/

I wonder what the motivation is behind this? To keep tax refunds smaller so people aren't sending in so much needlessly, as well to avoid bigger tax burdens for those that owe? More normalized range i guess.

General Discussion · get reference to the last occurrence of condition
msg #147075
3/25/2019 5:23:02 PM

Very cool; I think this is getting closer to what i want. Let me kick it around a little bit and see if i can get it tuned in to what i am trying to achieve!

Thanks a ton!

General Discussion · get reference to the last occurrence of condition
msg #147039
3/21/2019 6:47:15 PM

Yeah, sorry about that - i gave a rather simple example just to see if it could be achieved.

So maybe to expand a bit more, Lets say we have the following filter...

low 10 days ago reached a new 30 day low.

^ Given that that reaches a new low, we can assume price is heading down. Now, I need the high of the last bull bar 11+ days ago. It could have happened 11 days ago, or it could have happened 20 days ago. It's at an unknown position/index. I then want to filter for stocks who have achieved some criteria against this high (lets say, reached the high) within the last 10 days.

So high within the last 10 days > high of the last bull bar (found between +11 and n days ago), while the low reached a new 30 day low between 11+ days and the last bull bar.

I bet there is some sort of math that could figure it out. But not quite sure what it is.

General Discussion · Watch lists
msg #146989
3/18/2019 1:13:21 PM

Might be worth using the buy/hold/sell toggle on the stocks. For instance, ones that you want ignored mark as 'hold'. These three options are available on the graphical chart when filtering.

Then in your filter - 'show stocks where myrating is not hold'

So for your example...

show stocks where
myrating is not hold
apply to watchlist(potential)

General Discussion · get reference to the last occurrence of condition
msg #146987
3/18/2019 12:12:36 PM

Hey Four,

Thanks for taking a look. This still assumes I know when the bull bar is though; It's super painful trying to save price information and reference it later, if not impossible (that I know of).

Guess for this particular strategy, i'll just visually scan a set of personally picked stocks.

General Discussion · get reference to the last occurrence of condition
msg #146972
3/17/2019 7:21:59 PM


I hope i can explain what i mean by the title. I am trying to find the last occurrence of, say, a bull bar, then i need to get the high from that bull bar.

I can specify days ago, but that's not quite right, because I want to pragmatically figure out when it happened.

Something akin to this (i know this doesn't work in SF, but hopefully more programming related example will help:

set{bullBarDay, getBarDayWhen(close > open)}
set{bullBarHigh, high $bullBarDay days ago}


Filter Exchange · Bullish Engulfing on a positive 30 day slope
msg #107986
9/10/2012 1:09:32 PM

Still getting a few too many results, but might be worth as a starting point for additional criteria.

show stocks where
average volume(90) > 100000
close 1 day ago > open 1 day ago
close 2 days ago below open 2 days ago
close 1 day ago > open 2 days ago
low less than open 2 days ago
low greater than low 1 day ago
low greater than the low 2 days ago

30 day slope of close is > 0

market is not otcbb

General Discussion · Charts aren't updating to reflect today's prices
msg #106890
7/5/2012 12:48:27 PM

Did anyone shoot an email over to the SF support folks?

Filter Exchange · Ascending triangle, retest of supply turned demand
msg #106889
7/5/2012 12:44:26 PM

Cleaned it up a little bit... and added in a downward slope to make sure we are grabbing triangles coming off of a downtrend.

All we are looking for is price to come back to the minimum of the upper triangle resistance line. Using the stochastics might be a good tool for identifying the return of buyers.

show stocks where
and average volume(90) > 100000

/* Breakout Happened */
close is above the upper ascending triangle
close 1 day ago is below the upper ascending triangle 1 day ago

/* Make sure the lower trend line has been holding... */
close has been above the lower ascending triangle for the last 10 days

/* Get rid of the turds */
market is not otcbb

/* Use for entry?? */
draw Fast Stochastic(7) Fast %K
draw Fast Stochastic(7) Slow %D

/* Coming off of a recent down trend */
30 day slope of close 20 days ago is < 0
sort by column 2

Filter Exchange · Ascending triangle, retest of supply turned demand
msg #106776
6/26/2012 7:38:26 AM

Hi Eman,

This is what I figured. For now, I will just manually page back through the results to find the pattern I am looking for post-breakout.

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