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General Discussion · DMA(28,-14) INTO PINESCRIPT??
msg #143390
4/29/2018 11:32:33 AM

If I'm reading this right, DMA is just the value the moving average was at (P) days ago, right?

So for Pinescript that would just be:

x = ma(close[14], 28)

If you specifically need the Daily MA, regardless of what timeframe your chart is in, then it would be:

x = ma(close[14], 28)
dx = security(tickerid, "D", x)

General Discussion · Filter programming info
msg #143389
4/29/2018 9:47:46 AM

Hi folks. I'm new to StockFetcher and looking for a manual or something that explains available functions and math in the filters. I grabbed the userguide, and I have been searching the forums, but results have not been great. For example, just figuring out how to calculate a square root took about 15 minutes to find a reference with an example. It appears that a simple OR statement is not available, which seems odd, so I also have questions about the possibility of nesting statements.

I'm sure most of my questions have already come up, but I can't seem to find a lot of them in the forums or the guide, so I feel like I'm missing something.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Filter Exchange · HUL Moving Average
msg #143388
4/29/2018 9:33:12 AM

Just search forums for Hull Moving Average. You'll find filters others have already made.

General Discussion · RSI discrepancies
msg #143385
4/28/2018 9:15:02 PM

There are actually a few flavors to how you can compute RSI.

To calculate RSI you need:
- the average of your up days in the given period(let's call this value UP)
- the average of your down days (DOWN)
- Divide UP by Down to give a value we will call RS

RSI = 100 - (100 / (1 + RS))

The variation you are seeing mostly depends on how that average is calculated at the start. Wilder's uses a variation of an EMA, while you can also use a simple moving average, RMA or HMA to calculate. Unless someone specifies that it's Wilder's RSI, or Simple RSI, etc, you can't really compare them across sites.

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