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Filter Exchange · Tom Demark 13 sequential buy signal
msg #121073
7/23/2014 6:02:55 PM

Hi everyone

I looked in the database and found a bit about some Tom Demark buy filters. But I'm only finding filters where Tom Demark has a 9 buy signal.

Anyone know a filter which finds the daily chart (13) buy signal and (13) sell signal too as (shorting) ?

Would be nice to only have a filter which look at the 13 buy signals as exhaustion signals.

Thank you if you know such a filter.

Filter Exchange · RDNT filter
msg #120780
6/17/2014 8:27:35 AM

Any filter out there who could manage to find a stock like RDNT before it took off when it was trading at 2-3 just before April ?

If someone knows a filter which can find this kind of pattern (the pattern from past years and just before the April breakout) , would be nice to know.

Chart of RDNT

Notice RDNT was a 52 week high or so

Filter Exchange · Inverted head and shoulders screener
msg #117642
1/8/2014 7:32:35 PM

Here is the link:

Filter Exchange · Inverted head and shoulders screener
msg #117641
1/8/2014 7:32:12 PM

I'm wondering if anyone know how to make together some kind of inverted head and shoulders screener ?

I have a chart on which pattern I mean ,, I think its impossible right now for stockfetcher to find it , but is it possible to make it manually by normal indicators ?

here is link the a chart.

Thank you

Filter Exchange · Best short term trend indicator
msg #116697
11/12/2013 4:55:50 PM

Just wanna hear what different peoples favourite "short term" trend indicator is?

I prefer a very simple and normal EMA(3) and MA(10) cross.

When EMA(3) crosses above MA(10) buy - and opposite.

I've tried a lot of different trend indicators and find this best myself.

What do you like most for short term trends ?

msg #116696
11/12/2013 4:52:33 PM


Interesting filter.

What is the most important on those signals ?

The MA 16 upper indicator or EMA(15) ? When do you think it is a "buy" and "sell" when both inlignement ?

Filter Exchange · Hammer (candlesticks)
msg #114340
7/5/2013 8:01:50 AM

Thanks for the response fou

Filter Exchange · Hammer (candlesticks)
msg #114336
7/5/2013 5:53:19 AM

I'm not sure , but anyone got a filter how to spot "big hammers" - usually reversal candlestick patterns.

It would be nice if anyone had a filter to spot those big hammers.

Here is a picture what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance

Filter Exchange · Quiet stock, but explosive filter
msg #106082
5/3/2012 5:25:17 AM

I'm looking for someone who can make a filter , finding stocks which has been in a very tight range for a very long time , and then suddendly starts to move to upside.

If we take some examples , take a look at weekly chart on :

1. EGT


If you look at both charts on weekly chart , both stocks moved sideways for 2-3 YEARS , but suddendly moved higher.

I want a filter where it for example would catch EGT on the break of 0.3-0.4 before it broke out

And the same with PATK when it broke aorund 2-3$.

Thanks a lot if you know what kind of filter to search for.

Filter Exchange · Weekly chart filter
msg #100720
5/13/2011 6:57:11 PM

But if everyone could take a note on especially OXGN - then you can see there is also a bullish MACD divergence on the MACD histogram.

But I want a filter to show me those kinds of stocks which is in a big downtrend for many months like OXGN (Downtrend since 2010 actually)....

And then the filter should find it on first good pop 20th april - or the pop at 1st May.

So the filter should find only those stocks with this setup like OXGN had and alert me on one of those dates.

Its important that the filter show me stocks in a big downtrend for a long time.......and if there is an MACD positive divergence it would be even better.

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