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General Discussion · Has anyone used Trade King?
msg #87195
1/27/2010 5:46:41 PM

Does anyone have any experience with Trade King?

General Discussion · Trade King
msg #87001
1/25/2010 5:24:41 PM

Has anyone used Trade King as an online broker? And are you happy with their services?

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #86129
1/13/2010 10:26:43 AM

To Karen

With regard to Mary for Money not posting information beforehand, I found information regarding the Asian markets on the website I've listed below. The date of their article was 1/11/10 - and they were talking about how well the Asian markets were doing and why. This may be another resource for you.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #77398
8/10/2009 9:21:37 AM

To: Johnpaulca and Eman - who do you use for online brokers? Would appreciate your help?

General Discussion · Stock Quotes
msg #61223
4/8/2008 10:51:27 AM

I thought StockFetcher was supposed to give us each day's data 20 minutes delayed. It is now 10:50AM - 1 hour and 20 minutes into the day and we still do not have today's data.

General Discussion · Problem Getting Stock Quotes
msg #60332
3/10/2008 11:00:11 AM

It is now 10:57 AM EST and I still cannot get today's 20 minute delayed stock quotes using StockFetcher.

Please do something about this problem.

General Discussion · What simple searches produce the best results, that are back-tested?
msg #60054
2/28/2008 9:50:06 PM

To: EWZuber

You mentioned that, "Moves large or small can be predicted ahead of time, I have done this many, many times. It has to do with stochastic waves and their additive effect." Would you elaborate on this - it sounds very interesting.

Announcements · New Feature: Weekly Indicators and Charts
msg #58868
1/10/2008 10:23:08 AM

To Tomb

Could you tell me what time of the morning StockFetcher updates their charts to the present day information?

General Discussion · Squeeze 'em by the "BOLLs"
msg #50569
3/14/2007 9:22:21 PM

Hi Muddy -

Could you tell me what HOD means? Thanks in advance.

General Discussion · More Detective Work - Uranium Stocks from Mike Schaefer
msg #48055
11/19/2006 2:05:32 PM

From Michael Shaefer 11/17/06
Editor, Secret Stock Files

P.S. Remember - a simple, $10,000 investment in raw uranium five years ago would now be worth $51,724.But the two stocks I've identified in my free report present an even greater opportunity.$5,000 invested in each company could turn your $10,000 into $238,671 within the next 24 months!

Uranium Fortune-Maker #1: This company - not even ten years old - was trading at just $0.29 less than three years ago. Yet today, it sells for nearly $8.50.
They're a serious player in the uranium market, with significant holdings in Canada, the United States, Russia and Mongolia. The company also controls a fully permitted 2,000 ton per day uranium/vanadium mill.
Its holdings and exploration and production activities put the company in the perfect position to take advantage of soaring uranium prices.
What kind of profits are possible? Well, if you had invested just $5,000 back in 2003, your investment would now be worth $119,307...that's an incredible gain of 2,286%!

Found information at:

Company is International Uranium Corporation
Recent Price: $8.29 on the Toronto Stock Exchange
Symbol: IUC

Uranium Fortune-Maker #2: Talk about a fast-mover. This little beauty tripled in value for investors over a two-month span beginning last November.
This is an emerging exploration company with an unparalleled management team. Now, everyone in the business will admit that uranium exploration geologists are scarce as hen's teeth. And finding guys that have experience with getting the needed permits, planning, producing, and managing ISL projects is even harder!

But this company has somehow managed to pull together an all-star team of uranium exploration geologists and a management squad with over 100 years' combined experience in the business.

There's more. Get this: my Uranium Fortune-Maker #2 has secured a man for their advisory board known to the industry as the "Uranium Pope." This guy wrote the book on uranium ore deposits - literally - and has published over fifty papers and six books on uranium.

The company currently has ongoing projects in Wyoming, Mongolia and Saskatchewan. Their Saskatchewan property is located near the lucrative Athabasca Basin, which accounts for approximately 30% of the world's primary production of uranium.

This stock was trading for under a buck as recently as two months ago, but it has now settled in nicely at nearly $3 a share. I expect this one to continue delivering fast-paced returns in the months ahead.

Found information at:

Company is Uranerz Energy
Stock is on Amex; symbol is URZ
Last price was $3.19

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