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Filter Exchange · 80-85% winners i need help to make it better$$$$$
msg #51843
5/28/2007 9:58:27 AM

Mary, I'm a novice and do not understand. Could u put this in a form I might copy and plug it into a new StockFetcher filter?

General Discussion · Anyone know a better backtester?
msg #51834
5/27/2007 4:50:14 PM

Juha ... I know these are other systems, but, do you have personal experience that indicates they are better than Stockfetcher?

General Discussion · Anyone know a better backtester?
msg #51791
5/24/2007 10:30:07 PM

SF backtester has problems, especially when we want to see results of daytrading ... buying and selling in the same day. Anyone know a better one?

Backtesting Support · Closing a position the end of the first day
msg #51777
5/24/2007 2:36:43 PM

On 5/24/2007 I asked Stockfetcher Support about this issue and their prompt response was "Thank you for the feedback. There is currently not a method to enter and exit a position on the same date with StockFetcher back-testing.
The closest you can approximate this is by setting maximum hold to 1
day and your Exit price (item #3 on the "Advanced" page) as "close 1
day ago"."

I guess this answers the question for now.

Backtesting Support · How Do I Buy at the Open the Following Day?
msg #51708
5/20/2007 5:03:08 PM

based on identifying a stock based upon my criteria and desired to buy for a one day hold, how do I set the Backtesting screen to buy at the opening the next day and sell at the close?

Backtesting Support · Closing a position the end of the first day
msg #51704
5/19/2007 10:11:00 PM

Did you ever solve this? Have you tried setting it a 0 days?

Filter Exchange · A Question re Posting:"LONG FILTER - 1-2 day hold"
msg #51534
5/11/2007 12:46:02 PM

I've cut and paste it into StockFetcher and "offset" it many days. Never got any results. Is the filter correct?

Filter Exchange · LONG FILTER - 1-2 day hold
msg #51492
5/9/2007 2:50:48 PM

Help! I wanted to test this but couldn't. I just cut and paste it into a new filter and tried it and never got any stocks. What am I doing wrong?

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