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msg #156840
5/20/2021 11:18:02 AM

Does anyone know if Kevin is "on" any website/chatroom where he might be posting?


General Discussion · add a column to show index
msg #156839
5/20/2021 10:59:57 AM

Respectfully, I usually just code


Filter Exchange · Your most simple scan
msg #156676
4/23/2021 1:43:06 PM

Respectfully, Snappy. What further refinements do you use, if any.


General Discussion · MORE than 50 trades a month?
msg #156148
3/15/2021 9:08:08 AM

I do. 307 round Trips: 1/1/21 thru 3/14/21

Stock Picks and Trading · KSK8 Questions on The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher
msg #155429
1/25/2021 8:26:08 AM

KSK8: Hope trading has been going well for you. Are you still trading this filter? Have the results held up?


General Discussion · RULES
msg #155409
1/23/2021 10:22:36 AM

Re RULES: I'm primarily a Scalper, but, not one who watches the screen closely all day. I use StockFetcher to identify scalping opportunities, both long and short, to be executed when the market opens. Over time, I've come to the RULE that I never buy long at the open if the entire market is opening with a down trend.

Of course in specific cases this does not always work out to be the most profitable thing to do, However, in general, if I break this RULE, I find my total dollar losses exceed my gains.

General Discussion · RULES
msg #155381
1/20/2021 5:01:50 PM

miketranz: Respectfully, I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying never hold a stock that is "under water.."

General Discussion · RULES
msg #155366
1/19/2021 5:57:03 PM

Larry Connors and others have rules that they try never to ignore, One that I see that Larry uses is: Never go long if the stock is below MA(200). The purpose of this thread is to share and discuss rules that we may have? Who's first?

General Discussion · Good study guide for going long during this volatile time.
msg #155191
1/5/2021 10:03:04 AM

Interesting SAFeTRADE that u first created this discussion over 13 years ago.

General Discussion · Question to you all on my suggestion to have......
msg #155027
12/19/2020 5:03:12 PM

Does anyone remember the last suggestion that StockFetcher actually incorporated? Anything in 2020? 2019?

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