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Public Filter List · Trend using Day Position on SPY DIA QQQ
msg #146971
3/17/2019 4:35:52 PM


set{in, count(Day Position(0.50,1) > Day Position(0.50,1) 3 days ago,1)}
set{out, count(Day Position(0.50,1) < Day Position(0.50,1) 2 days ago,1)}
draw in
draw out
draw ma(8)
draw ma(13)
add column in
add column out
add column rsi(2)

Public Filter List · Long S&P 500
msg #146970
3/17/2019 3:57:04 PM

Fetcher[s&p 500
ma(13) crossed above ma(30)
draw ma(50)
draw ma(200)

set{x50, close / ma(50)}
set{x200, close / ma(200)}
add column x50
add column x200

Public Filter List · Short S&P 500
msg #146969
3/17/2019 3:54:38 PM

Fetcher[s&p 500
ma(13) crossed below ma(30)
draw ma(50)
draw ma(200)

set{x50, close / ma(50)}
set{x200, close / ma(200)}
add column x50
add column x200

Stock Picks and Trading · Visions V Trading Room
msg #146967
3/17/2019 3:03:05 PM

Very interesting work you have done here with coding. My only question is why does Point A
not start at the 200 day low. It appears to start 5 or so days later. I do think this setting correctly
places the V on the chart. Think it is because the use of 50 days is used as the default number.
Some of these stocks hit their 200 day low earlier. Just my thoughts as I went through the code.


Public Filter List · Really Simple Market Timing Filter 2
msg #146964
3/17/2019 10:49:49 AM

The 2 main parts of this filter belong to LadyRed and TRO. I just threw them to together to see
how they would work together. I do not trade this filter as TRO used to say I am thinking out loud.


Public Filter List · Work in Progress based on Visions V
msg #146963
3/17/2019 10:45:27 AM

Fetcher[set{bla, high 52 week high - low 52 week low}
set{blb, bla * .25}
set{bl52, low 52 week low + blb}

set{bla2, high 20 week high - low 20 week low}
set{blb2, bla2 * .25}
set{bl20, low 20 week low + blb2}

set{bla3, high 10 week high - low 10 week low}
set{blb3, bla3 * .125}
set{bl10, low 10 week low + blb3}
set{quick_t, count(close above ma(10),1)}
set{medium_t, count(close above ma(10),1) * count(close above ma(20),1)}
set{x, quick_t * medium_t}
set{long_t, count(close above ma(50),1) * x}

set{y, max(ma(10),ma(20))}
set{higherma, max(y,ma(50))}
draw mo
draw cls10 on plot bl10
draw cls20 on plot bl20
draw cls52 on plot bl52

draw ma(50) on plot bl52
draw ma(20) on plot bl20
draw ma(8) on plot bl10

draw rsi(2)
draw rsi(10) line at 50
draw rsi(20) line at 50
draw rsi(52) line at 52

draw higherma on plot price


chart-length 2 years

add column higherma
add column ma(10)
add column ma(20)
add column ma(50)
add column rsi(2)
add column quick_t
add column medium_t
add column long_t

Public Filter List · Visions V with V plotted on price
msg #146962
3/17/2019 9:54:19 AM

Fetcher[set{var3, low 52 week low}

set{var_ago, days(low is equal to var3 ,200)}
set{c1, hl52 * .125}

set{lo52, low 52 week low }

set{hl52, high 52 week high - low 52 week low}

set{c, low 52 week low + c1}
set{cincr, c1/13 }
set{cincr2, cincr*var_ago }
set{Cline, cincr2+VarOffset(low,var_ago) }

set{b1, hl52 * .375}
set{b, low 52 week low + b1}

set{bincr, b1/13 }
set{bincr2, bincr*var_ago }
set{Bline, bincr2+VarOffset(low,var_ago) }
set{8cross, count(close crossed above ma(8),1)}
draw Cline on plot price
draw Bline on plot price
draw ma(50)
draw ma(8)
draw 8cross
s&p 500

add column 8cross
chart-length 6 months

/* draw price line at var3*/

Public Filter List · Really Simple Market Timing Filter 2
msg #146951
3/16/2019 12:45:36 PM

/*Look for ballon between 65 and 75 at start of run based on SPY QQQ DIA cross of ma13 and RS above 89*/
s&p 500
set{RSRaw, Close/Ind(^SPX,Close)}
set{RSHigh250, RSRaw 250 day high}
set{RSLow250, RSRaw 250 day low}
set{RSRange250, RSHigh250 - RSLow250}
set{RSValue250, RSRaw - RSLow250}
set{RS250, RSValue250 / RSRange250}
set{RSHigh60, RSRaw 60 day high}
set{RSLow60, RSRaw 60 day low}
set{RSRange60, RSHigh60 - RSLow60}
set{RSValue60, RSRaw - RSLow60}
set{RS60, RSValue60 / RSRange60}
set{RSAverage, RS60 + RS250}
set{RS, RSAverage/2}

/* PRICE POSITION Display */

/* enter your Upper Limit criteria */
set{UpperLim , High 52 week High}

/* enter your Lower Limit criteria */
set{LowerLim , Low 52 week Low}

set{ Dynamic_Range , UpperLim - LowerLim }
set{PPDiff, CLOSE minus LowerLim}
set{PPDiv, PPDiff / Dynamic_Range}
set{BallOn, PPDiv * 100}

set{8cross, count(close crossed above ma(8),1)}

draw RS
add column rs
add column BallOn
add column 8cross
add column UpperLim
add column LowerLim

draw ma(13)
draw ma(5)
draw rsi(2) line at 20

General Discussion · BA
msg #146950
3/16/2019 12:37:23 PM

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We are finding out what these platforms are
really about. The harvesting of our life events, all given voluntarily. This all started with a platform
called Life Log. Life Log became FB. The rest is history as they say. If you are comfortable with
putting your life story out there in real time, have at it. As for me I'll stay in the shadows as much as
possible, that is becoming increasing more difficult to do. Our cell phone being the biggest
culprit of all. All of our lives are harvested, stored and ready for use at the appropriate time.
Buyer Beware_User Beware. Use these cautiously and know they are not our friend. Enough.


Public Filter List · Really Simple Market Timing Filter
msg #146948
3/16/2019 12:06:58 PM

set{diacls, ind(dia,close)}
set{spycls, ind(spy,close)}
set{qqqcls, ind(qqq,close)}

set{x, diacls + spycls}
set{totindex, x + qqqcls}
set{tot_ma13, cma(totindex,13)}

set{index_rsi, crsi(totindex,2)}

set{diava, diacls / totindex}
set{diaval, totindex * diava}

set{spyva, spycls / totindex}
set{spyval, totindex * spyva}

set{qqqva, qqqcls / totindex}
set{qqqval, totindex * qqqva}

set{exit_market, count(close crossed below ma(13),1)}
set{exit_indices, count(totindex crossed below tot_ma13,1)}

add column spycls
add column diacls
add column qqqcls

draw totindex on plot tot_ma13

draw index_rsi line at 70
draw index_rsi line at 20

draw rsi(2) line at 70
draw rsi(2) line at 20

add column exit_market
add column exit_indices

draw ma(13)


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