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Filter Exchange · Bottom Filter
msg #147551
4/25/2019 7:52:29 PM

Check TQQQ on the 2nd filter back on December 24 2018. A reading well below -96. That low is in the
same time span that shows on your .png


Filter Exchange · Bottom Filter
msg #147538
4/25/2019 2:58:25 PM

OK, Here is my solution to this dilemma. I have broken this filter into 2 parts. Part 1 runs from v2 thru v7.
I left out v1 as it is not needed until the 2nd part of the filter.

First part is as follows:

Fetcher[dow 30

set{v1, count(IFT(5,9) < -0.8,1)}
set{v2, close 21 day high-low}
set{v3, v2/close 21 day high}
set{v4, v3*100}
set{v5, 2*cstddev(v4,20)}
set{v6, cma(v4,20) + v5}
set{v7, count(v4 > v6,1)}
add column v7

I ran it on the Dow to have a limited amount of symbols to work with. I sorted on v7 and made a symlist
on the symbols marked 1.


Now for part 2. v4 is the code for Williams Vixfix some of you may be familiar with it.
Copy the code for v4 exactly as it is coded and go to "Account" in the top right hand corner.
click on settings. Once you are in settings click on my filters and paste the code for v4 in the box.
Make sure there is no other code previously added inside my Filters. Now press save and close that
window. I am pretty sure you have to close your browser for the change to take effect, I could be mistaken about this . Do not try to run part 2 from this post as it will not run until you have made the
change to My Filter. Also this filter will not run with "draw bottom" or "add column bottom" In place
of "bottom I elected to use Williams %r(20) and sorted it ascending.

I added v1 to part 2 as it is only need to run part 2.


set{v1, count(IFT(5,9) < -0.8,1)}
set{v8, vixfix 50 day high}

set{v9, v8 *0.85}
set{v10, count(vixfix > v9,1)}
set{v11, v7*v10}
set{v12, count(v11 > 0,1)}
set{bottom, count(v13 > 0,1)*100}
draw Williams %R(20)
add column Williams %R(20)
sort column 5 ascending

Well that is it. The dirty version of KSK8's Bottom Filter. KSK8 run you filter on the Dow and tell
us if it is close to the results you get with the original. When there is a will there is a way, at least
that is what I am told.


Filter Exchange · Bottom Filter
msg #147515
4/24/2019 6:02:32 PM

Thanks Ed.

Filter Exchange · Bottom Filter
msg #147513
4/24/2019 4:40:17 PM

It is not the quantity of set statements per say, but the continued use of previous set statements
in further set statements down the line. Am I making any sense? For example look at how many
times V4 is used in set statements. Figure out a way the use of V4 is reduced and you may be
able to make a Lite version.


Filter Exchange · Bottom Filter
msg #147505
4/24/2019 12:08:07 PM

Exactly what you see in the filter. V7 is beyond Lite version.


General Discussion · Connors RSI question on color
msg #147503
4/24/2019 12:02:24 PM

This is as close as you are going to get to what you want.

Fetcher[set{green, count(Connors RSI(3,2,100) crossed below 10,1)}

set{red, count(Connors RSI(3,2,100) crossed above 90,1)}

draw Connors RSI(3,2,100) line at 90
draw Connors RSI(3,2,100) line at 10

add column green
add column red


Filter Exchange · Bottom Filter
msg #147496
4/23/2019 10:35:12 PM

Fetcher[s&p 500
close < 40
set{call, Stochastic %K(8,3,3) crossed above Stochastic %d(8,3,3),1)}
set{put, Stochastic %K(8,3,3) crossed below Stochastic %d(8,3,3),1)}

set{v1, count(IFT(5,9) < -0.8,1)}
set{v2, close 10 day high-low}
set{v3, v2/close 10 day high}
set{v4, v3*100}
set{v5, 2*cstddev(v4,10)}
set{v6, cma(v4,10) + v5}
/*set{v7, count(v4 > v6,1)}*/

draw v5 plot v4
draw rsi(4) line at 50

draw Stochastic %K(8,3,3)
draw call
draw put
draw lri(9)

add column call{buy_call}
add column put{buy_put}

Look at this filter only using part of the filter, pretty interesting.

Look at V4 decreasing at Call Signal and crossing below V5.

Look at V4 increasing at Put Signal and V4 crossing above V5

Filter Exchange · Bottom Filter
msg #147491
4/23/2019 12:30:26 PM

I do not have advanced subscription.

General Discussion · AMAT @ $39.51
msg #147085
3/26/2019 11:52:30 AM

Thank you, Four. I appreciate the info.

General Discussion · AMAT @ $39.51
msg #147073
3/25/2019 4:07:55 PM

what time frame Four?

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