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General Discussion · Here is my website for my picks sponsoring Stock Fetcher.
msg #27343
7/13/2003 3:32:21 PM

Put that IP address in your browser. That is my site. I will get a domain name soon.

General Discussion · A filter that works.
msg #27324
7/12/2003 2:15:09 PM

I forgot to tell you guys. Usually the best time I have found to buy a stock is 10:00AM stock market time. IMNY was a perfect example. I bout at 10:00AM after it dropped tremendously only to see it rebound and make me about 18% in 1 day!

General Discussion · A filter that works.
msg #27323
7/12/2003 2:14:01 PM

Ok here goes. I base the MACD per day not by the hour. The only time I may base the MACD on the hour is if I have decided to actually purchase the stock and I am looking for the best entry point. I will then buy when the MACD is at its lowest point I beleive it will be for that day. I did not inlcude the sloping up MACD in the filter because like I said it narrows the picks too much and sometimes I may miss a pick that didnt do a sloping up MACD but a week later explodes 100% because it may still be a good pick. I rather judge for myself. I do not let the filters judge for me. I just use the filters to find general patterns I am looking for. Ok you would like to know how I go through them in 10 minutes. I will tell you how. I know a stock is a good stock when it has bottomed out or perceived to bottom out in a correction and the MACD is starting to rise. It doesnt have to cross 0 just has to rise. I also look for descent jumps in price because that usually signals its about to really move. For instance if the jump is only 3% thats not a big move so I will overlook that stock. If the jump is 5% and greater though I will keep my eye on it. Here are two stocks I was successful in this week using this filter. I made more money this week than i have sense I started trading. IMNY and ATS. I bought both of those stocks this week and still holding on to IMNY because I bought Friday 11th. So far im up 55% in my account. I started with $2850 and now im at $4450. If any of you are looking for what picks I may go with on any given day feel free to email me and I will tell you. My email is I don't mind helping anyone on here because I wish the best for all of you. I can tell you I am looking at getting BIOM on monday. I have seen this pattern before. I consider it the calm before the storm as Darvis would ay. If any of you want to see what I really look for in a pattern look at TRAC. Zoom out for the 3 month and you will notice how its flat and just picks up steadily and explodes. I do not like super volatile stocks. The best performers are the ones that are pretty much flat and stable and the MACD starts to rise along with the volume and that is usually accompanied with a surge in price over a couple of days of like 10% or so. That is when I know I got a winner. Honestly guys success comes in the market from these filters from taking balsy decisions. You have to keep a non emotional head. You cannot let stocks get the best of you becuase you will end up making dumb mistakes. Usually your fist guess is the best guess. If you let yourself second guess yourself you will fail. I never second guess myself and sense I stopped doing that my portfolio has sky rocketed. I am getting a feeling for the winners and I have learned what they look like before they do there huge gains. I have learned by looking at past performers over and over again until certain patterns are just stuck in my head. Like I said please email me if you really want to get down in it with me. Some dont care and some do. I have really learned a lot and I am really getting good at this because of my straight face. I keep certain principles and there are certain keys to my success so far:

I limit my losses. If a stocks low for today is lower than the previous days low i sell no matter what. I dont care if it jumps back up. Most of the time it signals a downward trend. If you do not beleive me then look at past winners like TRAD and TRAC right now. You will notice how when its surging every day the low for the day is higher than the previous days low. I am in the business to make money not to sit around forever hoping a stock will explode. I want the exploding stock NOW not next week or next month. There are just certain identifiable patterns in the market. When a stock is about to increase it never drops below the previous low and the volume starts to pickup. By the way I do not care of the days close is lower than the days open as long as the low is higher than the previous days low and the MACD is rising. The MACD must be rising folks! If the MACD is not rising I do not consider it. Email me if you have anymore questions. I thank stockfetcher for providing the tools for me to use. It is well worth it and if I become really successful I will give back to stockfetcher more than they ever dreamed.

Noah Beach

General Discussion · A filter that works.
msg #27320
7/12/2003 3:40:21 AM

I made over 30% this week with this filter. It produced great results. Just learn and then trade with real money after your confortable and notice the patterns. Watch the MACD to see the entry points.

Fetcher[Low is above Low 1 day ago and Volume is above Volume 1 day ago and open is below close and open 1 day ago is below close 1 day ago and close is between 1 and 2]

I know I could narrow it down even more but i prefer to produce a good amoutn of results so that I do not miss a stock that could be a true winner. I just rather spend the extra time looking. This filter never really produces over 30-35 stocks a day anyways. I can go through that is like 10 minutes and see what are potentials.

General Discussion · Stocks Rule!
msg #27302
7/10/2003 5:57:36 PM

The stock market is so great. Its like winning at the casinos except I actually have a better chance of winning!

General Discussion · Europe Markets
msg #27295
7/10/2003 4:03:16 AM

Does anyone trade on any exchanges outside the US? Are movements similar to ours? Do you suggest any brokers to use? I need help because I would like to trade twice daily (once US and once Europe) The hard part I will have is running screens for those exchanges like I do these in America and Canada. Does anyone know of a service like that filters euro stocks etc. Thanks for any help.

General Discussion ·
msg #27293
7/10/2003 12:06:23 AM

Im sorry maybe you were ref. to a website? I thought you meant what is best to use and I use trailing stop losses. I wasn't sure what you were ref. to.

General Discussion ·
msg #27292
7/10/2003 12:02:11 AM

Trailing stops is the best way to go imo. I just place the stoploss at the previous days low. If a stock is moving up fast it usually never touches its previous days low or atleast doesnt fall below that. I have seen rare exceptions though. The market is unpredictable.

General Discussion · Noah's Theory Redone
msg #27291
7/10/2003 12:00:31 AM

Dude I was just joking. What flew up your ass.

General Discussion · Noah's Theory Redone
msg #27284
7/9/2003 4:24:10 PM

I think you like posting all over the place so you can be the popular one :)

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