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General Discussion · Don't use my filter during Q reports
msg #27427
7/17/2003 4:48:23 PM

Stocks just do not do right when the Q earnings come out. Stocks that have awsome patterns still do not do well right now because so many people are selling right now because of Q reports. I would wait till August before using my filter.

General Discussion · A filter that works.
msg #27426
7/17/2003 4:47:21 PM

I use divergence and it just has to be turning up but usually i like it below 0 or just crossing over.

General Discussion · Noah's Gold Mine
msg #27410
7/16/2003 9:20:16 PM

lmao there you go dude. When you hit a million we can celebrate

General Discussion · Noah's Gold Mine
msg #27408
7/16/2003 7:11:35 PM

This is Noah.

The more money you have the harder it is to get the same return because of the number of shares to be purchased. You will have to diversify your funds in order to keep making the same returns. There will be a point where you will have to purchase stocks where the average volume is over 1 million and such. My filter provides many stocks like that. You can do that or you can just purchase more expensive stocks in my filter. Just adjust the price range in my filter to return other stocks. There are still great stocks at higher prices with more volume. I do not think you will ever get to the problem your suggesting unless you have billions your trying to play with. At that point you might as well retire becuase you wont be able to spend all that money anyways.

General Discussion · A filter that works.
msg #27398
7/16/2003 12:55:31 AM

Oops sorry everyone the previous post was posted by Noah's trading partner, NOT Noah.

General Discussion · A filter that works.
msg #27397
7/16/2003 12:54:00 AM

I have learned to definately wait until 10:00 am(Eastern), or 9:00 am Central where I am, to wait before I buy. Obviously this is not a commandment chiseled in stone that I strictly adhere to, rather it is a general guideline. My experience is that with the rising stocks I have jumped in to, not always, but MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, if they gapped up or began rapidly reaching for the stars immediately upon opening I would always get them at or close to the peak, only to watch them fall right back to form a base for the rest of the day where I could have got a much better price on them- not to mention I would be at a decent loss for the rest of the day. This immediate rise and fall generally happens within the first thirty minutes after the opening bell so now I just try to not even get on my computer until at least 15 minutes or so after the opening bell. My experience is that many times stocks reach their highs for the day right after the opening bell or they will fall back and not pass that early morning peak until the last portion of the day. The reason I would always buy imediately upon opening when a stock gaps up or immediately began rising is the fear I would miss out on a straight rise throughout the early morning, then kind of flatline the rest of the day and shoot up again at the end of the day. Well from time to time this does happen and if I miss it now then so be it, usually if a stock does that anyway it will be a winner. The key is to maintain discipline and have control of your emotions. Like I said my personal experience is I lose out more often than not if I try to buy when the market opens.
As far as stop orders go I set a mental stop order on it the day I purchase it. I watch it real time intraday hopefully to get it after a fallback from the morning rise. After they fall back they usually tend to form a range they bounce around in. For example, if a 1.50 stock shot up to 1.80 right at opening it might fall back to 1.65 and kind of bounce between 1.65 and 1.70 for awhile. After watching it go from 1.65 to 1.70 a few times I will make the decision to buy it once it drops to around 1.65 again. As far as sell orders go I always put a stop market order on it just for insurance purposes. Sometimes I leave it alone and let it stop out by itself and sometimes I sell it before. Usually I leave it alone if I feel I can put a close stop loss on it. Like BIOM the previous day's low was 1.44 so I set it to 1.43, if it stopped out no biggie I'm only out 5%. But a stock like UAXS, well its low for today was .46 and it closed at .67 so I surely am not going to just let it stop out. I will hold it until it looks like its starting to crumble and then sell, this is also always done while watching it real time intraday.

General Discussion · A filter that works.
msg #27384
7/15/2003 9:19:24 PM

This is Noah's trading partner, NOT Noah. Well I had a go at BIOM and of course it went down lol. I ditched it at 1.43- just below yesterday's low, so I was only out 5%. It may go up later but I'm not gonna hang on to it to find out. So today I bought UAXS, TGEN, and DIGL. TGEN and DIGL both went down roughly 1-2% since I got in them but I made 23% on UAXS in one day today! From the looks of the after hours quotes I will be at a profit tomorrow morning on DIGL but I might have to ditch TGEN. Who knows I'm not a prophet and don't pretend to be, we'll wait and see :).

General Discussion · Guys please be patient with me
msg #27364
7/14/2003 10:07:08 PM

I am sorry if I am lagging on my site. I will put forth more effort in the next week or two. I just started a new job which now I may quit just because I do not see why I should work anymore and also my fiance just broke up with me so I am not at the highest spirits right now. I will work hard for you guys to answer all the questions you give me. Right now I am still working on my system. There are some things I still have to find out like when to sell the stock after its risen a lot. Anyways if all this works out well I will really strive hard for you guys to produce big winners. Just keep checking my site often. Remember to always trust in the Lord. He is the one who gives me all I have.


General Discussion · A filter that works.
msg #27357
7/14/2003 1:52:15 PM

For the record this is Noah's trading partner, not Noah. All I have to say is I can hardly freakin' believe the returns Noah has been getting since he started sticking with his principles in the stocks that are popping up in his filter. It's unbelievable. After watching the success he made in SPLN I decided to really watch his picks he was buying using his indicators. Since then I watched him get ATS and make like 35% on it in a week. At that point I was convinced to take him seriously and buy exactly the types of stocks he was watching. Thursday night we stayed up chatting and decided that on Friday morning IMNY and VION were definately good buys. Well Noah put half in IMNY and half in VION. IMNY went up like 21% Friday and VION dropped a couple percent. Of course I bought VION and was very dissapointed but today it's up around 20% so far so I'm glad I hung on and IMNY is up around another 10% almost. This has thoroughly convinced me using what Noah posted above does produce big gains quickly. This is a get-rich quick scheme that just might actually work :) Now I put about 60% of my portfolio in BIOM at $1.51 so I will see how that turns out. Like Noah said of course not all picks will turn out the way you hoped but with this you can tell very soon if you should sell so you can really limit your losses. But I have watched Noah make his last 3 or 4 picks in a row produce very high returns very quickly. Congratulations to Noah for diligently searching for a truly winning system, because this just might be a gold mine he has stepped on.

General Discussion · pattern matching
msg #27345
7/13/2003 6:01:56 PM

you cant. we have all been requesting that. If you will just give me a stock that has done what your looking for in the past I will come up with a filter that resembles the pattern for you. Email me at

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