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msg #109984
1/8/2013 10:41:59 PM

Thanks John, you and Eman have owned this board throughout. It's been a very interesting read. What I think I've learned most is to do your own research, test your own ideas/filters and ask questions, and don't expect to be spoon fed answers.

As a start to real trading education, I'd like to get some real time charting software. Suggestions? At first, I won't be trading intraday, but it'll give me better entry points. As karennma pointed out, optionshouse kind of sucks. People seem to be fond of TOS from TD Ameritrade.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #109980
1/8/2013 9:09:48 PM

887 pages, FINALLY made it!!! Brain is overloaded, no idea where to begin.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #109888
1/6/2013 4:03:04 PM

Unfortunately, I am forced to hold overnight. With an account under 25K, any day-trading-like activities are prohibited. At least that's the way it is at optionshouse. I'll just hold my INTC, LMT, NVS and COP until a short term trading strategy comes along that seems like a good fit. I'm just happy to talk stocks with someone who isn't my wife, bores her to tears.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #109885
1/6/2013 3:25:57 PM

johnpaulca: Thanks for the quick reply. I've still got about 450 Intraday Alert forum pages and 3 years worth to catch up on. A lot can happen in that time. Currently I'm just biding my time in dividend stocks. I'll continue reading and learning on this site, thanks for your contributions.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #109879
1/6/2013 1:19:42 PM

johnpaulca, I've read hundreds of pages of this Intraday Alerts thread and I must say I've enjoyed your trading, commentary and advice. I've developed a filter based (I think) on your Booya Buy Zone swing trade strategy. Could you look at it and see if I'm on the right track? Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nick

Stock weekly high is below weekly upper bollinger bands(40,.4)
Stock weekly low is above weekly lower bollinger bands(40,.4)
Stock high is below upper bollinger bands(40,.4)
Stock low is above lower bollinger bands(40,.4)
Volume(30) is above 1000000
Close is more than 3

Filter Exchange · DT Oscillator Help
msg #109609
12/24/2012 8:29:02 AM

Currently, I'm not using this filter in live trades. Right now I'm still trying to iron out what style of trader I am. When I was trading this, I would use the weekly DT ocsillator to tell me direction of trades and the daily to tell me when to execute. Once the weekly fast line crossed above the slow line, enough that you could see separation, under the .75 on long trades, I'd move down to the daily and wait for the first bullish cross under .75. Then trade every bullish cross on the daily until the weekly turns bearish. Once that happens, it's just the opposite. The delay on stockfetcher didn't bother me. I checked this filter EOD and traded my findings at the open. This filter works on any two consecutive time frames down to 15 minute, 5 minute. Stockfetcher is only useful for weekly, daily due to the delay.

Filter Exchange · Catching Bottom with Low Downside Risk
msg #109604
12/23/2012 10:03:34 PM

Ouch! Once I looked back a ways on this filter, I think it may need something else. A risk-on risk-off variable. It seems when times are good, this filter is really good.

Filter Exchange · Catching Bottom with Low Downside Risk
msg #109603
12/23/2012 9:40:08 PM

This filter is an extreme version of Jayesh Patel's "Reverse" filter from his book, Profit from Prices. I wanted to post it because it's been pretty profitable for me recently using next day open as an entry, placing a stop loss on the low of the trigger day. There are two items I'd like some suggestions on. In the case of several stocks returned when the filter is run, how should I sort them for a bottom-feeding sort of filter like this? Second, a logical exit. RSI(2)>50? Stoch>80? Minor Low? I know that there's quite a few great traders on this site and I'd like to hear your input. Thanks, Nick

Show stocks where Close gained more than .2 percent
over the last 1 day and low reached a new 1 week low and low
is more than .75 percent below low 1 day ago and close is more
than .2 percent above open and volume is more than 100%
above volume 1 day ago and volume is above 500000 and
close is above 5 and Stochastic %K(12,3,3) is less than 20

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #109455
12/17/2012 11:45:45 AM

I've seen a lot of discussion about the entry point (down 6%) and exit point (RSI(2)>50), is there any thoughts about a stop loss or some downside protection?

msg #109190
12/7/2012 10:28:48 AM

Along with the above filter, you could add a volume contingent. To look for the breakout, I add something to the effect of "Volume is 100% greater than volume 1 day ago." I also add, "Close is above upper bollinger band(20)" to make sure the volume bump wasn't just churning. Hope this helps.

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