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General Discussion · Squeeze 'em by the "BOLLs"
msg #50549
3/12/2007 9:56:37 PM

Some stocks from the sq/vol/br like WITM and LJPC mentioned in the post above just
can be quite amazing at times.

WITM + 17.65%
LJPC + 30.29%

If in get ready to "TRAIL and BAIL"

General Discussion · What is the best book for TA?
msg #50539
3/12/2007 7:26:24 AM


Thanks for the interesting link.
They even noted what we talked about a few years ago,how the pullback bounces tend to occur more often on Fib number days,they say:

"Having looked at thousands of charts over the years, I will tell you that the most frequent pullback in uptrends are 3, 5, 8 and 13, which are Fibonacci numbers."

Another real good site that talks about trading pullbacks into the SMA10/EMA30 zone:

General Discussion · What is the best book for TA?
msg #50522
3/11/2007 9:00:46 AM

Has anyone read:

CHART YOUR WAY TO PROFITS by Tim Knight (creator of

General Discussion · Squeeze 'em by the "BOLLs"
msg #50518
3/10/2007 9:10:06 PM

Hi BP,

I put stocks which hit my sq/vol/br on a watchlist for as long as up to 20 days as long as they maintain a decent volume.
I consider a trade on them in various ways,a pullback into the MZ(sma20,ema13)with a pop on volume,a flag pattern or just a continuation with a ubb walker on higher than avg volume.
And yes I see them on the scrolling HOD which I stalk constantly while I'm trading.
For me it's very important to keep these on a watch for up to 3 weeks because many will breakout again nicely and some b/o big.

Look at the WITM chart on 1/30,up 17% on a vol increase from 366k to 1.8 mil it gained for another week then fell into the MZ and on the 14th day it popped huge on a vol increase from 700k to 2.5 mil.
Then it soared over 100% in just 4 days and then retraced to the MZ again and on the 13th day this time on another vol increase gained 24%.
Each time it started to move I saw it near it's start on the HOD list.
Some like LJPC which hit the scan as a watch for Fri after gaining over 30% on vol from 71k to 3.3 mil jump the next day which is why I watch them from day 1.
I caught this early on the HOD list and at it's hod Friday was up an incredible 66% from it's close on Thurs.

BP, if you can make it into my chat one day next week let me know in the chat you're in the room and I'll talk with you there.
I'll try to help you out with your entries,

General Discussion · my holygrail
msg #50089
2/17/2007 9:16:16 AM

It's Fast stochastic fast%k(14)at 0 combined with Williams%r(10)-100.
Looks like they used only over $5 stocks.

If you looked at the past year picks posted on that site you'd have seen 95% of the picks were these.
Some days there are no matches,that's why the 95%

That angle was mentioned several times on the Public Forum List for FREE on 10/28 in the setup for the Fast%reversal method.

Filter Exchange · How to find a stock which makes 1500% move in a year
msg #50063
2/16/2007 7:19:34 AM

Fetcher[set{52pct, high 52 week high / low 52 week low}
set{clval, close / low 52 week low}
set{difdiv, clval / 52pct}
set{difx100, difdiv * 100}
set{clzx13, count(close crossed above ma(13) in the last 1 day,1)}
set{rs2xrs5, count(rsi(2) crossed above rsi(5) in the last 1 day,1)}
set{rs5a50, count(rsi(5) > 50 in the last 1 day,1)}

close between 1 and 12
volume > 500000
difx100 > 75
52pct > 1.

add column 52pct
add column clval
add column difx100
sort column 7 ascending
add column clzx13
add column rs2xrs5
add column rs5a50

do not draw difx100
draw clval on plot 52pct
draw ma(13)
draw rsi(2) on plot rsi(5)
average daily volume(90)is greater than 500000
and PE > 1
offset is 2/12/07
and average day range is greater than 3

Adding average day range to reduce matches while cutting down on "sideways" trades.
IF you have a filter you trust this a way to raise the risk/reward ratio.

General Discussion · Abnormal Activity filters
msg #49895
2/8/2007 7:45:27 AM

You said:

1/29/2007 11:33:34 AM

as for other users the abnormal query location question

on small try this....

click on the tools menu
then technical search
then in the price indicator queries area you can pick the Abnormal Activity dropdown
And in the volume indicator queries area you can pick the Abnormal Volume dropdown

This is what it caught yesterday:

(Feb 07-11:02) Muddy: PMED vol scan hod 250%

The top one on my 11 a.m abnormal price/vol scan it closed up 710% for the day!!

General Discussion · Abnormal Activity filters
msg #49881
2/7/2007 9:20:33 AM

Hi John,
You are very welcome.

I use and plus my Scottrade to catch the pinks and bulletin board ones.
Right now obb IMOT shows intrest in pre and Amex VII
Pinks CTTD YTBL and Nas MEMY ONSM show on Scott while I don't see on the others.

General Discussion · Abnormal Activity filters
msg #49875
2/7/2007 7:04:10 AM

Hi Joe,

I used that date offset as an example to show GVGC,now up 155%!, and how to arrange them in order to show the biggest losers at the top.

I use a date offset of 0 when searching for premarket volume candidates.
Yesterday there were 2,RNCH and TTDS,that showed a nice spike in premarket volume activity.
One could see by the premarket bid/ask activity that RNCH was probably opening down and TTDS up.
TTDS showed around 7500 shares traded pre and if you chart it you'll see many recent days when it didn't even trade that much in the entire trading day.
I believe this gives me yet another edge on the market.

TTDS opened at 1.63 and at 1:32 p.m hit a high of 1.95,closing at 1.81 giving me yet another nice gain.

Today I'm watching in premarket action:

General Discussion · Abnormal Activity filters
msg #49849
2/6/2007 7:36:54 AM

Someone asked how I found GVGC,this is how:

Fetcher[stocks where volume is 500 percent above average volume(90)
and price is between .05 and 20
and date offset is 1/30/07

I then arrange them with the biggest % losers at the top.

Then I load those into my watch list and beginning with the premarket open I watch for volume and bid/ask action.

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