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Backtesting Support · BUG : Maximum days to hold
msg #36145
5/30/2005 12:34:12 PM

For example,
If I want hold a stock for 5 days,
I don't speak about 5 calendar days,
BUT, of course, 5 trading days !!!

If a stock is bought on Friday and I want to keep it for 5 trading days,
if the market is closed on Monday,
I don't want to release it on the next Tuesday !!!!
I want to keep it for 5 tradings days and release it on the next Friday !

Can you correct this bevahiour !?

Backtesting Support · Backtest Only 15 filters ?
msg #36134
5/29/2005 10:48:08 AM

Hi !

It's a request feature to bring to number of possible backtests to 30.
15 is really a limiting factor to compare several filters !

Filter Exchange · Problem to elaborate ADA !
msg #36117
5/27/2005 9:08:25 AM

Hi !

Because Farley's ADA is not available at SF,
last night, I was trying to write it from scratch.

I'm really near the solution, but I have a little problem
with waccM1. This variable cannot be drawn !

There is a mistake somewhere, but the Debugger
doesn't work with more than 10 variables....

If someone can find the solution ?!

set {TLC1,count(close 1 day ago is above low,1)}
set {TrueLow1,TLC1 * low}
set {TLC2,1 - TLC1}
set {PrevClose,close}
set {TrueLow2,TLC2 * close 1 day ago}
set {TL,TrueLow1 + TrueLow2}
set {THC1,count(close 1 day ago is below high,1)}
set {THC2,1 - THC1}
set {TrueHigh1,THC1 * high}
set {TrueHigh2,THC2 * close 1 day ago}
set {TH,TrueHigh1 + TrueHigh2}
set {clotUp,count(close is above close 1 day ago,1)}
set {clotDn,count(close is below close 1 day ago,1)}
set {clotEq,count(close is equal close 1 day ago,1)}
set {NotClotEq, 1 - clotEq}
set {TLD, close - TL}
set {wacc1,clotUp * TLD}
set {wacc1G,wacc1 * NotClotEq}
set {THD, close - TH}
set {wacc2,clotDn * THD}
set {wacc2G,wacc2 * NotClotEq}
set {wacc,wacc1G + wacc2G}

set {TLC1M1,count(close 2 day ago is above low 1 day ago,1)}
set {TrueLow1M1,TLC1M1 * low 1 day ago}
set {TLC2M1,1 - TLC1M1}
set {PrevCloseM1,close 1 day ago}
set {TrueLow2M1,TLC2M1 * close 2 day ago}
set {TLM1,TrueLow1M1 + TrueLow2M1}
set {THC1M1,count(close 2 day ago is below high 1 day ago,1)}
set {THC2M1,1 - THC1M1}
set {TrueHigh1M1,THC1M1 * high 1 day ago}
set {TrueHigh2M1,THC2M1 * close 2 day ago}
set {THM1,TrueHigh1M1 + TrueHigh2M1}
set {clotUpM1,count(close 1 day ago is above close 2 day ago,1)}
set {clotDnM1,count(close 1 day ago is below close 2 day ago,1)}
set {clotEqM1,count(close 1 day ago is equal close 2 day ago,1)}
set {NotClotEqM1, 1 - clotEqM1}
set {TLDM1, close 1 day ago - TLM1}
set {wacc1M1,clotUpM1 * TLDM1}
set {wacc1GM1,wacc1M1 * NotClotEqM1}
set {THDM1, close 1 day ago - THM1}
set {wacc2M1,clotDnM1 * THDM1}
set {wacc2GM1,wacc2M1 * NotClotEqM1}
set {waccM1,wacc1GM1 + wacc2GM1}

set {SuperWacc,wacc - waccM1}

average volume(60) is above 100000
and close is above 1
and draw wacc
and draw wacc1GM1
and draw wacc2GM1

Filter Exchange · Can anyone improve this sweetie?
msg #35771
4/27/2005 8:00:21 AM

What do you mean by 86% of success ???

86% Win and 14% Lost for the backtesting ?
Using which parameters ?

My best filter based on RSI2 can only offer 70% of Wins.

Filter Exchange · Holy Grail
msg #35702
4/22/2005 11:07:58 AM

How have you found SMTR ?
Which filter have you used ?

Filter Exchange · New here: What is your screen you bet money on?
msg #35697
4/22/2005 8:53:53 AM

but what do you mean by 'UBB "walkers"' ????

Have you succeeded to create a filter using RSI2 for shorting ?

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