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General Discussion · good trading course
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8/22/2010 11:19:50 AM

I agree with what everyone has recomended so far and would through in that successful traders approach the market with a methodology. That is the basic take away from all three of the Market Wizards books. Each of them had their own system which they followed with extreme discipline.

If you want a good basic grasp of what a methodology is start by reading all of the posts over at Stockbee starting with this one:

Then read all of the posts from the links on the right hand side (scroll down a bit) under "Methods and Philosophy" and for that matter don't stop there read the ones linked to under "popular posts".

Plan to spend 5,000 hours or more before you are above average and consistantly profitable.

Your success depends on how quickly you can get rid of your existing baggage and learn what trading really is.
This video will be of great help as well:

Trade well,

General Discussion · Viewing Charts of symbols in Watchlist
msg #91103
4/12/2010 9:17:34 PM

Thanks four! It worked great and was exactly what I was looking for.

General Discussion · Viewing Charts of symbols in Watchlist
msg #91045
4/11/2010 2:39:49 PM

Bummer, that would be a nice feature.

General Discussion · Viewing Charts of symbols in Watchlist
msg #91042
4/11/2010 1:00:49 PM


Is it possible to view charts of my complete list of symbols in a watchlist? All I have been able to do so far is click on each symbol one at a time to bring up a chart in a new tab. What I would like to do is have a number of charts show up like that which happens when viewing results from a filter.


General Discussion · I Want Software That Can...
msg #91035
4/11/2010 3:05:46 AM

You may want to look at Amibroker. It's pretty amazing and runs circles around SF .

But has it's downsides as well. It costs a little chunk of change and requires a data subscription service for either realtime data or EOD data. The other downside is it will require a pretty good learning curve to get up to speed.

But it should let you do all sorts of backtesting with optimization (creating 3D plots, etc).

msg #90776
4/4/2010 11:21:13 AM

You might want to give this site a try:

it has a little bit more info offered up each day

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