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General Discussion · TheRumpledOne
msg #156138
3/13/2021 1:43:44 PM


It's good to know you're still around. I had taken your scanner/filter & had modified it a a point, I forgot how to scan thru it. I added & subtracted a lot other criterias, I'm no coder by any angle.

below is the filter, please advise me if there's a way to make this filter work (by additiona or subtraction):

close is between .25 and 10
average volume(90) above 100000
average volume(10) above 500000
Average Volume(30) above 250000
offset is 0
draw IFT(5,9) and draw IFT(5,9) line at 0
and draw IFT(5,9) line at -.90
add column IFT(5,9)
IFT(5,9) < 0.80
add column separator
set{slope_incr, days(slope IFT(5,9) < slope of IFT(5,9) 1 day ago, 30)}
draw slope_incr
set{slope_pos, days(slope of IFT(5,9) < 0, 30)}
draw slope_pos
set{sort, slope_pos + slope_incr}
set{volcnt, count(volume above 100000, 100) }
set{volzero, count(volume equal 0, 100) }
set{x1, high - open}
set{Long_Profit, x1/open }
set{C1A, count(Long_Profit > .04 , 100)}
set{C2A, count(Long_Profit > .09, 100)}
set{C0010, C1A - C2A}
set{D1A, count(Long_Profit > .09 , 100)}
set{D2A, count(Long_Profit > .19, 100)}
set{D1020, D1A - D2A}
set{E1A, count(Long_Profit > .19 , 100)}
set{E2A, count(Long_Profit > .29, 100)}
set{E2030, E1A - E2A}
set{F1A, count(Long_Profit > .29 , 100)}
set{F2A, count(Long_Profit > .39, 100)}
set{F3040, F1A - F2A}
set{G1A, count(Long_Profit > .39 , 100)}
and add column daychg2
and add column C0010 {4_9}
and add column D1020 {10_19}
and add column E2030 {20_29}
and add column F3040 {30_39}
and add column G1A {40+}
and add column C1A {ttl}
and add column average day range(10) {adr10}
and add column average day range(30) {adr30}
sort column 20 descending
add column industry
add column sector
set{answer, count(ROC(5,1) above 5, 100)}
and add column answer
add column open-to-close gap
add column separator
draw WAIT
draw SELL
draw BUY
draw ema(13)
draw dma(25,-5)
draw ema(50)
add column BUY
add column SELL
add column WAIT
add column both{D2/T3}
add column both2{TSI6}
set{OVER, count(TSI(6,3,3) crossed above 0,1) *1}
set{UNDER, count(TSI(6,3,3) crossed below 0,1) * -1}
set{both2, OVER + UNDER}
set{CROSS, 1 - count(both2 equals 0,1)}
CROSS above 0
set{var1, 2 * EMA(9)}
set{var2, cema(ema(9),9)}
set{DEMA, var1 - var2}
set{TEMA, T3(7,1)}
set{xUP, count(DEMA crossed above TEMA,1) *1}
set{xDOWN, count(DEMA crossed below TEMA,1) * -1}
set{both, xUP + xDOWN}
set{xOVER, 1 - count(both equals 0,1)}
add column separator
set{pp_3, CeMA(pp,3) 1 day ago}
set{r_3, CeMA(r1,3) 1 day ago}
set{s_3, CeMA(s1,3) 1 day ago}
set{VAR3, count(close above pp_3,1)}
set{VAR4, count(close below r_3,1)}
set{WAIT, VAR3 * VAR4}
set{BUY, var3 - wait}
set{SELL, var4 - wait}
draw T3(5,0.7)
draw TEMA on plot price
draw DEMA on plot price
draw TSI(6,3,3)
and draw MACD(12,26,9)
and draw RSI(15)
add column separator
market is not etf
market is not otcbb
add column industry
add column sector

Thank you for taking time & reading it

msg #155806
2/15/2021 3:56:58 PM

miketranz - thank you for taking the time to explain your idea behind the filter/sanner & the dips you're searching for

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #155805
2/15/2021 3:54:44 PM

Kossvet - Thank you for reminding me about the gap fill theory.

Xarlor - I did click on the filter posted above & no results showing up. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. Thanks again!

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #155800
2/15/2021 3:10:56 PM

Thank you Kossvet & Snappy

Filter Exchange · PVI and Penny Stocks
msg #155798
2/15/2021 3:05:49 PM

thank you snappy for taking the time to explain me the difference, appreciate it!

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #155792
2/15/2021 12:49:12 PM

Hi kossvet - Which scan are you using? I recall you had previously shared but were tweaking at the same time. I saw GNPX few days back hovering at 5-6 & thought of you. If you don't mind would you like to share. Thanks

Filter Exchange · PVI and Penny Stocks
msg #155791
2/15/2021 12:44:38 PM

Hi Snappy - I have a previous filter from you. Check below (I had added some guidelines in general). How is the one above (new one posted by you) different than the one below? Thanks

market is not otcbb
market is not etf
price > .25
price < 10
average Volume(255) > 3000000

draw pvi 22 day low on plot pvi
set{pvi_22, count (pvi > pvi 22 day low, 1)}
pvi_22 1 day ago < .99
pvi_22 > .99
and draw obv
draw Slow Stochastics Fast %K(10,3) < 50
add column separator
add column sector
add column industry
add column separator
add column RSI(7)
add column RSI(14)
add column RSI(21)
add column separator
add column R1
add column R2
add column S1
add column S2

msg #155789
2/15/2021 12:42:00 PM

could you please explain this filter/scanner if you get a chance. Thanks!

Filter Exchange · Will this filter make you wealthy?
msg #152578
6/9/2020 9:05:51 AM


Thank you for prompt reply & posting your modified version. I noticed:

1- "market is not otcbb" criteria is deleted. After running the filter - I got 19 tickers, and going back to Friday (june 5th) I get 22 tickers, but NE is not part of it. So, I am wondering how did NE pulled up for shills.

Now, I add "market is not otcbb" & run it (w/ monday data) I get zero result & I backtest with (friday june 5) I still get zero tickers. I click Thursday (june4) I get two tickers: sdrl and ocgn.

I am unable to find NE.

Lastly, I have basic subscription, it shouldn't affect the result cause scripts that are based on premium subs do notify me otherwise.

Filter Exchange · Will this filter make you wealthy?
msg #152575
6/9/2020 7:13:34 AM

Gm @JV

Stocks are not OTCBB
Bollinger Width Oscillator(5,2) below -1 in last day

Lower Acceleration Band(5) dropped more than 3.5 Percent

Lower Keltner Band(5)dropped more then 3 percent

Day Position(0.5,1)below day position 2 days ago

do not draw day position (-1.00,5)

do not draw day position

and price between 0.01 and .99

IMI(4) below 11

/*shares outstanding above 100 */

add column shares outstanding

add column market cap

draw rsi(14)
draw ema(100)
draw ema(200)
draw ema(300)

Is this what you did? sorry, I couldn't follow "I made that and the column one below it comments and got 18 results."

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