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General Discussion · Ukraine and Russia.
msg #158648
2/22/2022 1:40:51 PM

Southern border wide open as ever. I thought Harris was going to fix it but Illegals and drugs are coming across like a eight lane interstate highway going one way into the United States.

General Discussion · Ukraine and Russia.
msg #158643
2/21/2022 6:38:43 PM

Seems the crap is hitting the fan.

Filter Exchange · Whats new with SF users?
msg #158627
2/19/2022 9:45:20 PM

@ graftonian
Hope you get to feeling better.

A plain and simple 9 day moving average filter.

/* At the onset of ma(9) is above ma(9) one day ago. Draw some resistance lines and watch for breakouts. Rsi 14 is for riding the uptrend of the ma(9) when Rsi 14 over the 70 line there's a bigger chance of a pullback. */

show stocks where ma(9) is above ma(9) one day ago
market is not otcbb
market is not etf

price below 100
Average Volume(30) is above 300000

chart-time is 4 months

add column Average Day Range(30)
/* m9 is number of consecutive days ma(9) above (+)/below(-) previous MA(9) */
set{M9b,days( ma(9) is above ma(9) one day ago ,250)}
set{M9a,days( ma(9) is below ma(9) one day ago,250)}
set{m9, M9a - M9b} and add column m9 {m9}

Set{cntma9abovema9,count( MA(9) > MA(9) one day ago,1)}
draw cntma9abovema9

Set{cntma9abovema9b,count( MA(9)< MA(9) one day ago,1)}
draw cntma9abovema9b
add column separator
add column separator

Draw RSI(14) line at 70.00
Draw RSI(14) line at 50.00



Yes, Snappyfrog, Xarlor and Davesaint86, have recently posted some interesting filters and Davesaint86 posted a couple of video links explaining some of the related strategies.

But I'm like this when the 3 or 4 major averages are bearish one should pair way back of trying to find bullish trades. If one does find bullish trades one should hold them tight and the way the markets are volatile with silly Ukraine / Russia was thing going on.

One this is for sure . It doesn't mater how many indicators, oscillators and moving averages one has. We all see the same price action.

Filter Exchange · Whats new with SF users?
msg #158620
2/19/2022 12:56:00 PM

Welcome back graftonian.

Mine is a simple 9 day moving average and RSI 14 for watching when it gets over 70 line for narrow stop lose. Markets are in the toilet so there's a bigger tendency when price starts falling that selling pressure really kicks in more.

Maybe when this Ukraine / Russia crap gets over with that markets will get back to normal.

as for me.
Retired of the river in September of 2021. Missing some of the people but not the cold winter's.


General Discussion · Search for individual stocks only (no etf's or indexes)
msg #158617
2/18/2022 1:33:57 PM

Market is not etf

General Discussion · Oliver Velez PCT Trading Plan
msg #158592
2/13/2022 4:18:21 PM

General Discussion · Help with a filter please
msg #158568
2/10/2022 10:25:22 PM

SF doesn't have intraday data.

General Discussion · Still Waiting
msg #158553
2/8/2022 10:08:31 PM

To me TQQQ is Bearish until it has a sustained move above the Orange downtrend line.

General Discussion · Still Waiting
msg #158533
2/7/2022 10:27:41 PM

Follow the trend lines .

General Discussion · 14 Year SF Anniversary
msg #158526
2/6/2022 8:48:50 PM

A little over 11 years.

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