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Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149678
11/24/2019 8:59:43 PM

Seems using you candles and Stochastic oversold is a good way to find oversold swing stocks . I haven't messed with Stochastic oversold for a long time. KMX has been in a nice run starting around late march of this year using Guppy mma.


Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149672
11/23/2019 10:51:44 PM

Give a example of a stock.

Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149669
11/22/2019 8:04:45 PM

It was a mis-type of mine-

Ema(17) above ema(50)

My bad!

Stock Picks and Trading · CLVS
msg #149664
11/22/2019 12:55:24 PM

Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149663
11/22/2019 12:52:57 PM

I sorry if I seem too harsh.
Sorry about that.

I posted the Guppy filter to the long side using the ema 17 cross above ema 30. Guess I could reverse the the ema 17 cross below ema 30 as a short filter using Guppy also.


Which my real name is John

Stock Picks and Trading · RLGY Breakout
msg #149662
11/22/2019 12:47:23 PM


SF triangle pattern detector is spotty at best. I went down that road already .

I kind of use that high 2 week high to eye ball triangle pattern along with using Guppy moving averages for the strength of new uptrend.

Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149658
11/21/2019 8:37:24 PM

Guppy Moving average filter.

/* This filter consists of EMA(17) above EMA(50) and the long term Guppy Moving averages compressing. */
draw high 20 DAY HIGH

and ema(17) is above ema(50)
chart-time is 7 months
draw ema(3)
draw ema(4)
draw ema(5)
draw ema(6)
draw ema(7)
draw ema(8)
draw ema(9)
draw ema(10)
draw ema(11)
draw ema(12)
draw ema(13)
draw ema(14)
draw ema(15)

draw ema(30)
draw ema(31)
draw ema(32)
draw ema(33)
draw ema(34)
draw ema(35)
draw ema(36)
draw ema(37)
draw ema(38)
draw ema(39)
draw ema(40)
draw ema(41)
draw ema(42)
draw ema(43)
draw ema(44)
draw ema(45)
draw ema(46)
draw ema(47)
draw ema(48)
draw ema(49)
draw ema(50)
market is not otcbb
market is not etf
volume is above 250000
add column Average Day Range(30)
Average Day Range(30) is above 3.00
do not draw Average Day Range(30)

Draw RSI(14) line at 70.00
Draw RSI(14) line at 50.00

Set{cntema17ema50,count( ema(17) > ema(50) ,1)}
draw cntema17ema50

Set{cntema17ema50b,count( ema(17) < ema(50) ,1)}

draw cntema17ema50b

* GxG is number of consecutive days ema(17) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(50) */
set{GGb,days( ema(17) is above EMA(50) ,250)}
set{GGa,days( ema(17) is below EMA(50) ,250)}
set{17x50, GGa - GGb} and add column 17x50 {17_x_50}

do not Draw GxG

You can sort the 17_X_50 column to see when stocks have made the ema 17 cross over ema 50.
If you want to add more stocks change (Average Day Range(30) is above 3.00) lower.
You can also add more volume.

I like where Mr Guppy talks about what everyone see's. 04:27 to 04:42

Prime example of using Guppy moving averages.

Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149651
11/21/2019 12:06:37 PM

Not trying to be rude but it would be best if you would use the search area first. There are a lot of filter here at SF and a lot of current users and past users here.

General Discussion · March 2018, Daryl Guppy talks about Guppy moving averages
msg #149647
11/19/2019 11:58:02 PM

IMHO- Daryl Guppy talks about Guppy with the difference of traders and investors.

On the bottom right where it says "youtube" to the right of that is fullscreen. Video is best seen in fullscreen.

Stock Picks and Trading · RLGY Breakout
msg #149641
11/18/2019 11:22:48 PM

You know there are some future gap ups to fill here.

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