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General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158459
1/24/2022 9:59:00 PM

Everyone remembers the great Covid correction and it came back from that.

General Discussion · When markets are in a pullback.
msg #158418
1/18/2022 5:24:32 PM

When markets are in a pullback. I'm more inclined to not go chasing Bullish setup in equities. I was shown some years ago that when markets are is a pullback that its not a good idea to be Bullish. Traders be from the newest to the big funds are inclined to put selling pressure on really good setups. Let stocks re-set and setups will fall back into place.

In other words " Do be trying to catch falling knives".

General Discussion · Most Volatile Swinging Stocks
msg #158410
1/17/2022 1:28:04 PM

Now on my filter above I modified it with
and EMA(20) is above EMA(20) one day ago

Something to remember is those stocks that are above $100 are less Volatile .
If you search Deadly Combo by 13th_floor and his use of Average Day Range(30) to find more volatile stocks. The Deadly combo uses stocks below 15.

I personally don't trade OTCBB because I burned myself early on.
So its
Market is not otcbb
Market is not etf.
Also volatile going up and volatile going down too.

General Discussion · Most Volatile Swinging Stocks
msg #158404
1/16/2022 9:55:04 PM

Use the Average Day Range(30) . I started with it at 2.00. Raise or lower it as you see fit.

and Average Day Range(30) is above 2.00
add column Average Day Range(30)
do not draw Average Day Range(30)
market is not otcbb
market is not etf
price is above 100
Draw Ema(20)
chart-time is 1 year
and EMA(20) is above EMA(20) one day ago

/* Ema20 is number of consecutive days Ema(20) above (+)/below(-) previous Ema(20) one day ago */
set{e20b,days( ema(20) is above ema(20) one day ago ,250)}
set{e20a,days( ema(20) is below ema(20) one day ago ,250)}
set{ema20, e20a - e20b} and add column ema20 {ema20}

Set{cntema20,count( ema(20) > ema(20) one day ago ,1)}
draw cntema20

Set{cntema20b,count( ema(20) < ema(20) one day ago ,1)}

draw cntema20b

Filter Exchange · Trend Trader Strategy
msg #158385
1/11/2022 5:30:58 PM

I know this isn't what your looking for but it may be a start. SPY and NGL . NGL is what I'm in right now.

SYMLIST(spy, ngl)
set{upper,ma(20) * 1.05}
set{lower,ma(20) * 0.95}
draw ma(20)
draw upper on plot close
draw lower on plot close

/* ma20 is number of consecutive days ma(20) above (+)/below(-) previous MA(20) */
set{ma2020b,days( ma(20) is above MA(20) one day ago ,250)}
set{ma2020a,days( ma(20) is below MA(20) one day ago ,250)}
set{ma2020, ma2020a - ma2020b} and add column ma2020 {ma2020}
do not Draw ma2020
Set{cntma2020,count( ma(20) > ma(20) one day ago ,1)}
draw cntma2020
Set{cntma2020b,count( ma(20) < ma(20) one day ago ,1)}
draw cntma2020b


General Discussion · Markets- Something to think about.
msg #158379
1/10/2022 12:10:41 PM

When all the markets are in the red and being short term bearish it tend s to make other equities bearish also most of the time. IMHO- in other words don’t be bullish in a bearish market but also it means equities are re-setting theirselves for the same setup when they where bullish.


General Discussion · New to SF
msg #158378
1/10/2022 11:50:22 AM

and the bottom of every page is the "Popular Resources".

also a old poster has a page on different codes

and the SF forums as there is a lot of old posters with codes from days gone by.
Just use the search area.

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Swing N Daily
msg #158374
1/9/2022 5:50:58 PM

Glad to see your still kicking around and enjoying life.

General Discussion · not apply to sector/industry
msg #158367
1/7/2022 9:55:55 PM

You right it doesn't work and a search of SF has been a issue . I spoke too soon.

General Discussion · not apply to sector/industry
msg #158362
1/7/2022 12:05:42 PM

do not show sector(Medical)


That should cover industry(Biomedical) which is in sector(Medical)

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