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Filter Exchange · today the bottom for sure weekly rsi-0.88 daily 0.87 monthly 5.66
msg #59234
1/22/2008 11:59:53 AM

The market does not know and does not care how high or low the RSI(whatever) is.

So it may go higher or it may go lower. You can hope for an edge but nothing more. Even if the RSI(2) is Zero that does not necessarily mean it has bottomed.

General Discussion · Blood in the streets
msg #59226
1/22/2008 9:23:32 AM

Yes, we got the Fed cut. Unfortunately the markets are not impressed. Futures have barely reacted as I am writing this. I think many know that a mere interest rate cut will not cure the severity of the structural problems behind all this.
The billions of $$ of bad debt and inflated bubbles (China) will not get away any time soon.

There will also be forced selling (margin) of unprecedented magnitude this morning. My broker has just removed margin privileges from all accounts for today. Other broker will tak similar action.

Remember last time the Fed was easing? There was a fireworks of rising stocks immediately.

Fasten your seat belts and I hope you are in cash (or short).

msg #59215
1/22/2008 3:51:23 AM

You have to look at this with a cool mind and no emotions. This is how to approach trading anyway. Mary has made some spectacular calls and hit the nail right on top several times.

He also made some spectacular blunders like right now. But world markets are in crash mode as I am writing this (Asia down sharply. Europe down sharply, in India they closed the stock exchange). So there is blood in the streets at the moment. Cannot blame Mary for this. Just hope not too many of you are long at the moment.

Filter Exchange · there are only 2 things you need to make millions in etfc@2.15 cfc@4.88
msg #59009
1/15/2008 4:55:17 PM

GRET call on Intel.
Stock IS sharply down in after hours.
People who followed him, shorting Intel, made a ton of money today.

Filter Exchange · intc earnings-will have bad earnings
msg #59007
1/15/2008 4:41:21 PM

Congrats to Mary,

He hit the nail on the head. Intel IS sharply down in after hours. Congrats also to all who shorted the stock or bought Puts. Tomorrow could go down further when margin selling and downgrades set in.

Filter Exchange · This may be a good opportunity to enter the market
msg #58703
1/2/2008 2:33:57 PM

Fear is high, the RSI(2) intraday hit a new low today and is climbing. Prices are falling but still on relative low volume. Oil price was above $100 today and is receding slightly.
Historically this kind of setting precedes a nice rally.

Just my humble opinion. Decide for yourself and use strict money management if you consider entering long here.

Filter Exchange · options
msg #57010
11/26/2007 4:04:58 PM

Here is what Mary said:

<< we are at the bottom folks-absolute proof (Not rated) 21-Nov-07 05:15 pm the simpliest way to know your at a bottom is to overlay or compare the the $ndx with the vix- in the following graph
every single bottom on the $ndx there is a corresponding peak on the vix and the bigger the peak -the bigger and faster the move will be up- this vix peak is about the same size as the 8-16-07 bottom on meaning the qqqq will go up 8-10$ this time <<

Hm. By the time it goes up (if at all) many will be broke.

Filter Exchange · options
msg #57009
11/26/2007 3:50:59 PM


an impressive DOWN day, no new highs in sight anywhere. Everybody who followed Marys advice is underwater as of today. The strategy is way too risky and far from 100% correct as touted.

General Discussion · Wanted: Good Filter Setting to make lots of money with !
msg #54667
9/9/2007 11:55:01 AM

Oh, it is not so difficult, actually quite easy:

Buy only stocks that go up.

If they do not go up, don't buy them.

Filter Exchange · only SPY, QQQQ, OIH, SMH
msg #54600
9/6/2007 7:19:03 AM


Create a watchlist, say "MyWatchlist". It is ok if there is only one symbol.

In your filter include a phrase "Apply to watchlist(MyWatchlist)" (without the quotation marks).

That should do the trick.


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