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msg #145754
12/28/2018 2:10:36 PM

Sure thing Nibor, but what do you mean by "English version of the methodology" ?

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msg #145752
12/28/2018 2:06:25 PM

"I’ve lost money since Sept. and this is the worst stretch I’ve had since I was in my 20s"

Want me to set you up a gofundme so you could afford to pay your rent before the end of the month?


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msg #145749
12/28/2018 12:15:09 PM


I have a few decent breakout systems but all require me to evaluate risk and don't yield explicit entries and exits that this system gives me. On top of it, they don't have a long term win rate of over 94% so I don't use them.

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msg #145747
12/28/2018 10:57:15 AM


"This is the same type of way I trade"

So you have the leisure of entering at the market open and being comfortable walking away and returning back to exit at the market's close? I know the dangers behind doing that in traditional trading, but this is what is so oriental about this system. I've specified numerous times now how it is completely practical. But I suppose everyone here is too afraid to get their feet wet into murky waters...

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msg #145745
12/27/2018 10:38:46 PM


The criteria is RSI(2) crossing above 98. Not just "RSI(2) > 98".

I typed up the filter so quickly I forgot to specify it! Silly me!

So if you find another example under that corrected mistake of mine, I will fold on the basis of it's statistical prospect. I urge you to search for one though!

But on the conjecture of its effectiveness as a system, I have been trading it whenever I get the signal ever since early May this year. It works. You can't tell me it doesn't work. How long it will last, I don't know. If it maintains this short term series of instability regarding its accuracy in conjunction with the established 967 rule, then the win rate will essentially be inadequate. This is an anticipation I feel confident will not subside!

Nibor I know you want to be critical, but come on buddy, give up trying to dismantle it. It outperforms and you know it!

I advise you to try it yourself. Seriously Nibor, give it a try!

You mentioned you spent 15 minutes looking back into the results of the filter's candidates. Certainly you must have seen how profitable it was in retrospect. That's indisputable! Is this NOT the most profitable system filter on stockfetcher??

While everyone is loosing money to this bear correction I myself have been consistently making profit every month because the fundamental drivers of this filter's prospect have no affiliation with the market's catalysts. KEEP THAT IN MIND. This filter outperforms ever system filter I've seen on this site so far and it employs the most simple entry and exit. No denying that!

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msg #145743
12/27/2018 10:04:38 PM


How about you do me the honors and input the criteria and conditions in your preferred backtester and post the results on this thread for everyone to see. So that way whatever I post won't be immediately assumed as non-credible or fake, considering I am relativity new to this forums.

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msg #145742
12/27/2018 10:00:05 PM

Oh Shillllihs...

I'm still waiting for you to post a filter that can outperform mine on a monthly period.

Shillllihs tell us the truth, what is stopping you?

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msg #145739
12/27/2018 8:06:15 PM

Shillllihs your patronizing speaks for itself.

I asked you to post the filter you keep gloating about. Instead, you attempt to justify your decimated no-longer existing system which was supposed to have a very strong win rate. However I will be honest, for a strategy that sounds so solid, I really overrated my anticipation of your success with it. A 95% win rate system on a very liquid tradeable asset should farm well over just half a mill with the proper capital.

But oh well,

I suppose I overrated you Shillllihs .


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msg #145736
12/27/2018 6:45:03 PM

Then post it shillllihs!

I am willing to wager $50,000 that going forward whatever system filter you want to post will NOT be able to outperform mine on a monthly basis. Unless you trade with million dollar positions at a time then I am confident anyone would agree.

Also I am pretty sure I read somewhere in the forums you traded XIV with a "system" of your's.

Please let me know how XIV is doing for ya!


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msg #145732
12/27/2018 3:28:33 PM


The inverse of this system unfortunately just does not work. This whole concept is based upon a number of factors that can't be flipped to the bullish side such as bagholders dumping their shares and the prospect of panic selling. Phenomenons like these make this system work beautifully. The challenge for a lot of people however regards finding shares to short of hard-to-borrow stocks which can be done easily if you have a broker that allows you to route and locate shares by yourself.

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