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Stock Picks and Trading · Inverse ETF's setups
msg #159512
8/29/2022 2:56:31 AM

Inverse ETF's are a weird world of their own..

But one thing I haven't dabbled into very much is how impactful the corporate events of an etf company (like proshares) can have on it's security price.

Here's SQQQ's (proshares) SEC filings for example:

I wonder if their fundamentals can line up with a trade/potentially a breakout (similar to stocks). I'm no expert like Kevin with ETF's of this sort, but it would be interesting to see if a certain catalyst found in the filings gave more strength to a specific direction/forecast like this one. SEC filings were a major element to penny stocks, so I wonder if they same principle can be utilized for these types of traded assets...

Going off on a tangent at this point... but nonetheless, your callouts with breakouts have been on fire lately so I'm pretty convinced it'll playout as you' call.

Filter Exchange · 1-Bar Reversal
msg #159490
8/25/2022 2:19:05 AM

If you end up furnishing a modified version, do feel free to post it here, I'd be intrigued to check it out.

Filter Exchange · 1-Bar Reversal
msg #159476
8/20/2022 8:57:25 PM

Good question Bert,
Whilst loosening the criteria does enable more plays to pop up, it unfortunately reduces the accuracy. On the other hand, increased criteria, increases the accuracy, but further decreases the # of plays.

Because of SF's limits with backtesting and because programs like Stratasearch aren't working as they used to, it's hard to experiment around with the filter's potential.

However, the remedy to increase the # of plays, whilst not decreasing the accuracy would be to decrease part of the criteria (perhaps removing the b-band condition) in conjunction with conducting technical analysis on the intraday timeframe to inspect the likelihood of a 1 bar reversal for the corresponding stock.

But if you want something that is in the wall's of SF, then deploying a S/R criteria into the filter would be the solution. However, I'm no expert with utilizing S/R in stockfetcher filters, but I'd render it the best case solution.

Stock Picks and Trading · UPS Ascending Triangle Breakout.
msg #159475
8/20/2022 8:44:18 PM

Hey Mac,
Have you considered utilizing a filter to identify potential triangle breaks?
Perhaps this might be of merit:
market is not OTCBB and close > 10 and volume > 100000
close is above the upper ascending triangle
close 1 day ago is below the upper ascending triangle 1 day ago
close has been above the lower ascending triangle for the last 10 days
30 day slope of close 20 days ago is < 0

Fast Stochastic(7) Fast %K crossed above Fast Stochastic(7) Slow %D

offset is 25

Overall great analysis's, you're killin it with the triangles, keep it up!

Stock Picks and Trading · The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher
msg #159463
8/15/2022 5:03:24 PM

Shorting TERN at the open. Allocating 50% of the portfolio to it.

Filter Exchange · Help with filter
msg #159461
8/15/2022 11:13:34 AM

I'm not an expert with the terminology, but the 'weekly' parameter only applies to indicators itself rather than functions.

so it would be:

set{D1353, weekly ma(10) - weekly dma(10,-5)}

D1353 crossed over 0


On another note, I never quite understood people's fascination with the DMA. It's a displaced indicator so it can't be of any general value, unless I'm missing something. It would be helpful if someone can provide an example of the DMA being used to predict a successful trade.

Not criticizing, just strongly curious as I fail to see why the DMA still remains used in filters.

Filter Exchange · Help with filter
msg #159454
8/13/2022 12:45:33 PM

Hope this is it, just required inserting weekly before the indicators


apply to symlist(spy, qqq, smh, xbi, uvxy, xlf)
chart-display is weekly
set{E1352b,days(weekly ma(2) is above weekly dma(2,-1),100)}
set{E1352a,days(weekly ma(2) is below weekly ma(2,-1),100)}
set{M13xM52, E1352a - E1352b}

set{D1352, weekly ma(2) - weekly dma(2,-1)}
draw D1352 line 0

set{E3,weekly ma(2)- weekly DMA(2,-1) }
set{Shortposition, count(E3 > 0,1)}
set{Longposition, count(E3 < 0,1)}
draw Shortposition on plot
draw Longposition on plot

set{E1351b,days(weekly ma(5) is above weekly dma(5,-3),100)}
set{E1351a,days(weekly ma(5) is below weekly ma(5,-3),100)}
set{M13xM51, E1351a - E1351b}

set{D1351, weekly ma(5) - weekly dma(5,-3)}

draw weekly MA(2)
draw weekly DMA(2,-1)

draw D1351 line 0

set{E4,ma(5)-DMA(5,-3) }
set{Shortposition1, count(E4 > 0,1)}
set{Longposition1, count(E4 < 0,1)}
draw Shortposition1 on plot
draw Longposition1 on plot

set{E1353b,days(weekly ma(10) is above weekly dma(10,-5),100)}
set{E1353a,days(weekly ma(10) is below weekly ma(10,-5),100)}
set{M13xM53, E1353a - E1353b}

set{D1353, weekly ma(10) - weekly dma(10,-5)}

draw D1353 line 0

set{E5,weekly ma(10)- weekly DMA(10,-5) }
set{Shortposition2, count(E5 > 0,1)}
set{Longposition2, count(E5 < 0,1)}
draw Shortposition2 on plot
draw Longposition2 on plot

add column D1352 {weekly MA(2) -long +short}
add column D1351 {weekly MA(5) -long +short}
add column D1353 {weekly MA(10) -long +short}


Best of luck, rarely ever see ma(2) used so that's interesting

Filter Exchange · Short team Call
msg #159452
8/13/2022 10:21:03 AM


I'll save you a mountains-worth of time:

Assuming you're a beginner, I'd strongly encourage you to ditch experimenting around independently and check out some of the strategies posted by TheRumpledOne .You can obtain immediate profitability with some of his filters.

Not trying to discourage you from doing whatever this is, nor discounting the other posters, but you're very likely wasting your time if you're looking to turn this into a mechanical strategy.

Others will very likely agree with me.

Stock Picks and Trading · The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher
msg #159449
8/12/2022 6:47:27 PM

Covered CASI at 3.48 for a 3.61% gain

Equity: $564,756


Stock Picks and Trading · The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher
msg #159440
8/12/2022 8:23:45 AM

Shorting CASI at the open, allocating 50% of the portfolio to it.

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