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Filter Exchange · Help transitioning from TC2000
msg #156406
4/6/2021 6:26:15 AM

Hi, compound_gains, thanks for your reply.
I know what the filter should do, but I can't translate all the variables from TC2000 text.

I was hoping someone knew both languages and could translate easily back and forth.

I'll try it myself in the meantime. Thanks!

Filter Exchange · Help transitioning from TC2000
msg #156393
4/5/2021 8:02:52 AM

Hi everyone,
I don't know if this is the right section but I'm trying to transfer this TC2000 filter for spotting breakouts in SF.
Does anyone have any tips on how to translate it?

MAXC45.1 < 1.1*AVGC45.1 AND MINC45.1>.90*AVGC45.1 AND O>MAXC45.1 AND O>MAXO45.1 AND O <1.05*AVGC45.1 AND C>O AND C>5 AND ABS((10*(46*(C1+O1)/2/AVGC45.1 +41*(C6+O6)/2/AVGC45.1 +36*(C11+O11)/2/AVGC45.1 +31*(C16+O16)/2/AVGC45.1 +26*(C21+O21)/2/AVGC45.1 +21*(C26+O26)/2/AVGC45.1 +16*(C31+O31)/2/AVGC45.1 +11*(C36+O36)/2/AVGC45.1 +6*(C41+O41)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C46+O46)/2/AVGC45.1 )-235*((C1+O1)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C6+O6)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C11+O11)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C16+O16)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C21+O21)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C26+O26)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C31+O31)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C36+O36)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C41+O41)/2/AVGC45.1 +(C46+O46)/2/AVGC45.1 ))/(10*(7585)-55225))<.001 AND AVGV60>150000

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