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General Discussion · Please fix SORT -- an easy request for StockFetcher
msg #114022
6/10/2013 3:23:15 PM

Yes, SORT works for my saved filters the way StockFetcher Support described, but not with View Screen.
Thank you for your prompt attention.

General Discussion · The future is found in the past... Rod Serling
msg #113988
6/9/2013 4:32:14 PM

I dread the day when DomCopter drones deliver Domino's pizzas, and all the mechanical pets in the neighbourhood
fly up to intercept. LOL.

Filter Exchange · fisher transform(5) and williams %R(90)
msg #113987
6/9/2013 3:49:36 PM

Thank you, four. I've always liked your filters, simply elegant.

General Discussion · Please fix SORT -- an easy request for StockFetcher
msg #113986
6/9/2013 3:36:27 PM

This fix request should be fairly easy for StockFetcher:

SORT ASCENDING and SORT DESCENDING no longer work for me if my saved filters are run as follows:

I click on Edit on page
The sF page will then switch to ................
I then click on View Screen.

Thank you for looking into this.

Filter Exchange · You're favorite intraday indicators...
msg #113838
5/31/2013 9:46:00 PM

Hi dustinb, I am glad that you like the filter, and I am glad that I found this thread.
Credits for the ideas go to BFreshour, TRO, and WSG riggs.

Filter Exchange · You're favorite intraday indicators...
msg #113807
5/30/2013 3:58:49 PM

draw Fisher Transform(10) line at 0
draw rsi(5)
draw cci(14)
draw adx(5)
draw ema(13)
add column Fisher Transform(10) {FT10}

msg #113707
5/25/2013 6:03:17 PM

You may want to start with this post by tomb.
Hope this helps.

show stocks where close is below resistance(65,10)
and resistance slope(65,10) is between -0.001 and 0.001
and close is above 1

General Discussion · FIlter to Display Last Three days
msg #113706
5/25/2013 5:53:55 PM

Are you looking for something like this?
Click on the SPY symbol to see a chart display of the specified limited number of days.
The automatic chart display embedded in the thread seems to ignore the specified limited number of days.
Hope this helps.

chart-length 5 days /* minimum 5 days for price chart */
set{close_1,close 1 day ago}
set{close_2,close 2 days ago}
set{close_3,close 3 days ago}
add column close_1
add column close_2
add column close_3

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #113401
5/14/2013 8:19:07 PM

Thanks, Karen.

On an intraday basis (1 min, 5 min), it would appear that the direction will likely change when there is a volume surge.
But you have more experience, so you know best.

You are being very wise by not having a sense and thus, less bias. I still have that temptation from time to time. So,
for daily charts, I can't help but think that there may be a short-term pullback tomorrow with this overbought condition.

General Discussion · Intraday Alerts
msg #113397
5/14/2013 4:06:07 PM

Karen, you've posted many good opportunities, I remember your analysis was good, too.
What are your current sense of the market? Thanks for sharing your views.

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