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Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157960
10/31/2021 2:10:52 PM

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, redversa721 and nibor100.
Your additional very useful info cleared a few things for me.

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157955
10/30/2021 2:14:02 PM
miketranz 10/30/2021 1:10:44 PM

Great filter.I have a few questions.To clarify,buy on open Monday/sell when stock gain is at 2% or on Friday whichever comes first.No stops.Any consideration for gaps or just market order in
regardless.Is anyone actually trading this with real money? Thanks...

@ miketranz

I used CROCK POT stats ideas from TRO, redversa721, nibor100, and extremely valuable
risk warnings from VenturaTrader.

Then, I read many CROCK POT threads and posts, before I made a few trades with real money
and with blue chip stocks only. I did not blindly go with the picks from any CROCK POT filters.
All my CROCK POT trials made the winning targets that TRO recommended in his original thread.

I remember you as also keen on money management, which should continue to be important
if you decide to try CROCK POT. You are probably better set to benefit from TRO's
original CROCK POT thread than some others. As a long-time sF member, you are probably
better set to harvest value from various CROCK POT threads by separating the grain
from the chaff.

In my limited experience, TRO's advice and emphatic warnings in his original CROCK POT
have merit as stats and risk considerations. Posts by redversa721 and nibor100 in this
thread offer invaluable experience and tools.

Good luck with your trading.

Stock Picks and Trading · Find Upcoming stocks and holding long
msg #157951
10/29/2021 3:18:44 PM
Find Upcoming stocks and holding long
redversa721 10/29/2021 2:29:25 PM

a big THANK YOU to you for your ideas in this thread.
Guppy charts seemed to work well with your BCS and TK.

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157950
10/29/2021 3:00:00 PM
redversa721 10/29/2021 2:24:15 PM

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, redversa721. Congratulations on your net win.
I'm using CROCK POT filters from you, nibor100, and TRO for stats and risk reports.
For trades, I still rely on common indicators.

General Discussion · Let's Play "The Falling Knife" Game
msg #157924
10/25/2021 11:53:57 PM

Thanks, Mac.
I also thought like karennma that more ZM users were moving to the competition.
(see karennma's post of

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157915
10/22/2021 7:52:03 PM
redversa721 10/22/2021 6:57:47 PM
Summary: Like Nibor previously mentioned, this week went very well. Most stocks were sold by Wednesday. some of the prev week unsold stocks went up as well and I sold them at a loss but exited the position. Couple of them were at > 25% loss for a few weeks but I sold them off when they were at a 10% loss COuld have held on but wanted to take a small/medium loss and exit position.

THANK YOU, redversa721, and congratulations on your winning trades !
How to handle losing positions is very useful learning for me.

General Discussion · ToS Code Conversion
msg #157905
10/18/2021 9:56:05 PM

snappy, I think your second oscillator might be the WaveTrend.
The WaveTrend code by LazyBear on TradingView might be easier to follow than
the one you posted above. The calculations seem to be nested several times
so an advanced sF sub may be needed.

General Discussion · ToS Code Conversion
msg #157901
10/18/2021 3:37:47 PM

snappy, I think your first oscillator is the Twiggs Money Flow.
A few people have coded it in sF.

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157896
10/18/2021 10:03:54 AM
nibor100 10/17/2021 11:48:10 AM

To conclude last week's paper trading analysis:

1. It turns out when I posted that it was unlikely that any more stocks would hit 2% gain stop by Friday's close I was dead wrong as 2 more stocks did achieve 2% and 1 more stock achieved 1 % gain for the week leaving:

2. In the gains that were most unlikely to be captured, 8 of the 20 had 10% or more increases between their Monday Opens and their weekly Highs, with 2 of them being over 20%

3. What if you just bought the 20 and took a week long nap and sold at the close on Friday?

You would have ended the week with a -$70 loss (not recommended).

4. Redversa721 modified the Tro Crock Pot 2.0 filter to be sorted by the highest weekly gainers column for the prior week, and I chose those top 20 stocks using that filter: but, that filter actually found 61 stocks last Saturday, so here are a few results for the entire 61 group:

58 of them achieved the 1% gain
48 hit the 2% gain
37 hit the 5% gain

Ed S.

THANK YOU, Ed S for the follow up and clarification. and
THANK YOU, Redversa721 for your winning sort idea !

I still need more practice.

Filter Exchange · Trend Intensity Index
msg #157895
10/18/2021 9:51:22 AM

maybe something like this

/* */


/* Trend Intensity Index */

set{sdp1,close - calc_ma}

set{sdn1,calc_ma - close}

set{sdc,sdn + sdp}
set{sdc1,sdp / sdc}
set{TII,sdc1 * 100}

draw TII
DRAW SDP1 22 day low on plot SDP1
DRAW SDP1 22 day high on plot SDP1
DRAW SDN1 22 day high on plot SDN1

set{SDP1%, 100 * INDPOSITION(SDP1,100)} /* EDIT */

show stocks where close is above 1
and volume is above 100000

add column TII

and draw high 22 day high on plot price


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