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msg #109223
12/9/2012 3:11:00 PM

Fetcher[Show stocks where upper bollinger band(20) is less than 3% > lower bollinger band(20)

and Average Volume(90) is above 150000
and weekly close is between 5 and 250
and stock is optionable

General Discussion · New way of stealing....A MUST READ
msg #100880
5/24/2011 1:21:57 AM

THat punk pizza guy should have been punched in the mouth.

Filter Exchange · Exclude Ultra and triple ETF's from screen
msg #100695
5/11/2011 1:52:09 PM

Thanks I knew that. Just was wondering if there was any way to differentiate the two with a fetcher command. The ETF's websites may have a solution.

Filter Exchange · Exclude Ultra and triple ETF's from screen
msg #100686
5/11/2011 1:07:17 AM

Is there a way to exclude the ultra and triple ETF's from the following screen?

market is etf
stock is optionable
and Average Volume(50) above 150000
and Close above 1

Filter Exchange · if you want to perform laser surgery on the market i can tell you how to-
msg #87187
1/27/2010 4:26:24 PM

Good for u...

General Discussion · M4M: LVS DROPPING like a ton of bricks! eom
msg #82194
10/31/2009 7:36:57 PM

Alf's an asshat.

General Discussion · That's A Wrap ... I Am Out !!!
msg #82192
10/31/2009 7:14:53 PM

Alf must have been long. Why such a groutchy mood? Shorts were buying drinks for all last night.

General Discussion · Plotting %K only of stochastic
msg #77833
8/22/2009 6:53:25 PM

Is it possible to plot only %K on the chart and not both k and d?

Filter Exchange · Basic Filter for newbies and old pros...
msg #74592
5/20/2009 2:28:49 AM

This filter kicks some serious ass. I luv it! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

General Discussion · Same As It Ever Was
msg #74589
5/20/2009 12:43:50 AM

I'd rather let the insiders trade away and use the technical tools to spot their tracks. Otherwise you just get untradeable gaps.

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