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Stock Picks and Trading · AVP
msg #144771
9/26/2018 7:44:15 PM

Shortsqueeze happening too in AVP

Stock Picks and Trading · A day late
msg #144673
9/16/2018 1:30:19 PM


General Discussion · Paul Mampilly and group
msg #144579
9/6/2018 10:15:06 PM

Just came across him on twitter a while back. Makes me wonder how him and the other guys on his web site are doing. They all seam to have different strategies. has anyone hear of how things are there.

Stock Picks and Trading · DNR
msg #144487
8/23/2018 8:06:18 PM

DNR , it did rally back at the end of the day. im noticing other oil ones are starting to come around. WFT is making some up moves on lower volume. ENPH seames to have filled that gap and is consulidating. lets see if DNR can keep it up. Good Luck

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Corner
msg #144406
8/14/2018 8:24:10 PM

Added to $GST today. lets see what Ares Management can accomplish

General Discussion · hey rump
msg #144230
7/26/2018 8:39:32 PM

four thanks for bumping this trend up. all kinds of info at SF. i came up with an ema 4,8,21 cross up filter. i kinda cheated and used the golden cross one. at least I think it works correctly. im going to track some for a while
show stocks where EMA(4) crossed above EMA(8), EMA(21) and EMA(4) EMA(8) 1 day ago was below EMA(21) for the last 20 days

Stock Picks and Trading · Shills Corner
msg #144141
7/17/2018 8:03:11 PM

whats with the love for VMIN

General Discussion · Bollinger Bands
msg #144081
7/12/2018 7:49:41 PM
I found this on the web. It might be the same guy.SF is posted on the site. Also old posts going back to 2010. If you search around that web site you will find SF filters he has used. if anyone finds anything newer post it here, if ya dont mind

General Discussion · Dr.Elder kangaroo tail filter needed
msg #144002
7/2/2018 6:39:31 PM

Thanks Gentleman. that gives me something to work with. Four, I was thinking 3 plus weeks

General Discussion · Dr.Elder kangaroo tail filter needed
msg #143995
7/2/2018 2:20:15 PM

hello everyone. would it be possible to create a filter from one Dr Elder's. Its called kangaroo tail. A reversal signal at the top or bottom of a trend. the candle consists of the wick being 3 times or more than the body. For the up trend reversal the wick is at the top and opposite for a bottom reversal. an example is BDR on june 4th.The gap up is not required. I have a hard time scanning for these. I have used hangman and dragon flys signals. Thanks for your help and a search on SF shows nothing. I haven't figured out on how to create a candle filter like that one

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