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General Discussion · New charts ????
msg #116675
11/11/2013 6:35:32 PM

How can I change the background color of my charts. I go to this location
make the changes to the settings, but those changes are not reflected on my filter charts. Is there something else I should be doing?

Filter Exchange · What is wrong with this statement?
msg #95631
8/13/2010 5:38:57 PM

Thank for your response, Kevin, I am usually very careful about parentheses, but I missed this one. I also appreciate your other threads which are very illuminating and educational. I especially enjoyed your latest thread: MODIFIED CONNORS RSI(2) FILTER.

Thanks again.

Filter Exchange · What is wrong with this statement?
msg #95587
8/11/2010 5:45:45 PM


General Discussion · Stupid Mistakes
msg #59474
2/4/2008 5:40:43 PM

Thank your for your post, it is very interesting and true.

I have one question regarding Trading On Pullbacks. You said: "You have to maximize gains and learn to distinguish between the minor pull backs that are part of long term, money making trends and actual trend reversals.".

Do you have any techniques or suggestions that will help distinguish between a minor pull back and an actual trend reversal?

Thanks again for your enlightening and informative posts.

General Discussion · Support and Resistance
msg #47475
10/14/2006 8:19:53 PM

Does anybody use the StockFetcher Support and Resistance commands to determine Target and/or Stop Loss areas?

Announcements · My Filters and Filter Email Changes
msg #43786
5/16/2006 6:36:04 PM

When I look at a chart for a symbol in my Daily Email, it displays the following message: "*Free* matches are 10 days old". Why do I get this message?

I am a Stock Fetcher Member, but I do not have the Advanced Subscription. Does that make a difference?

Backtesting Support · Backtesting a single stock
msg #43610
5/10/2006 3:10:33 PM

Thank you for your replys and suggestions. I will investigate both techniques. Based on a search of the Forums, I 'm also trying the IND indicator and adding something like the following to my filters:

Open equals IND(AAPL,open)
and volume equals IND(AAPL,volume)

Thanks again for your replys.

Backtesting Support · Backtesting a single stock
msg #43583
5/9/2006 6:09:59 PM

How can I backtest one stock. In other words, I would like to take one stock, like GE, for instance, and see how it performs against multiple filters?

Filter Exchange · Trade Planner Filter Display
msg #40956
2/3/2006 6:19:32 PM

MaxDrawDownPct is the maximum amount ( expressed as a percentage of your total portfolio amount) you want one trade to drain your account.

So 2% of $100,000 is $2,000.00

If one trade is losing $2,000.00, you EXIT THE TRADE IMMEDIATELY AND TAKE THE LOSS BEFORE IT BECOMES WORSE.... that's called TRADING otherwise you are HOPING it will go back up.

Thank you. I have not seen the term "drawdown" used that way. I'm paper trading now and using $10,000 as my capital. 2% of that is $200 which I consider my maximum loss per trade (downside). To determine the number of shared to buy, I subtract my potential entry price from my stop loss price and divide that into $200. Also, since I want to limit each trade to a maximum of 10% of my capital ($1,000), I divide $1,000 by the potential entry price to get the number of shares to buy and I select whichever calculation is lower.

Investopedia definition of drawdown is slightly diferent. I never could quite understand it or how it could be used by a trader. I think you have cleared much of it up for me. Anyway, here is the quote from the Investopedia Dictionary:

What does it Mean? The peak to trough decline during a specific record period of an investment or fund. It is usually quoted as the percentage between the peak to the trough.

Investopedia Says... Basically a drawdown is from the time a retrenchment begins to when a new high is reached (because you won't know the valley until the new high is reached).

Thanks again, I have learned a lot from you and several other of the posters in these Forums.

Filter Exchange · Trade Planner Filter Display
msg #40883
2/2/2006 1:12:40 AM


Thank you for sharing the Trade Planner Filter Display with us. There are some intermediate constants that are unused (or did I miss something?). I'm specifically refering to "iMaxDrawDownPct", "iShares", "iProtectiveStop", and "iTargetPrice".

You computed "xSharesToBuy", "xProtectiveStop", and "xTargetPrice' without using those intermediate constants. Is there another use for them in a more complex version of the Trade planner Filter Display? Also, I wonder how one would use iMaxDrawDownPct in a trade.

Sorry for the dumb questions, but I'm new to this and haven't quite got the hang of generating filters in StockFetcher.

Thanks again.

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