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General Discussion · S/R
msg #27899
8/17/2003 7:24:04 PM


If you (on anyone) would like information on a commercially available S/R educational program, that I personally feel is one of the best to not only learn about Support and Resistance but also the practical ways to apply them successfully in your everyday trading, let me know by message to blbant at hotmail dot com.

Because it is a commercial product, I feel it's improper to post the information on anothers forum. Sorry to cause the extra step, but I don't agree with the practice of promoting things to forums and discussion groups.


General Discussion · holy grail or his trading buddy i have a question
msg #27878
8/16/2003 1:37:17 PM

I don't often chime in but feel compelled to at this time. SF is a resource, it is a tool. ANY filter made WILL work given the APPROPRIATE conditions. Some will work better than others over more diverse market conditions. Each has its own strengths and WEAKNESSES. Muddy, Ron, HG and Trading Buddy, and Joe, to name a few, have offered very good filters that contributed greatly to SF Subscribers. I agree with almost everything that has been said in the forums (ignoring the bantering of personal attacks) but find that newbie's may be being misguided into thinking that one filter or another is all that is needed to produce CONSISTENT positive results.

Unfortunately, those of us that have been trading for some time have developed internal senses (some good, some bad) that become assumed and second nature to us. Like using a turn signal when driving. Most good drives use the signal without thinking!

The point is a filter, any filter, is only an indication or invitation to consider entering the market. You MUST also learn how to read the market road map (CHARTS) in order to reach a desired destination / outcome. Like any trip or journey the relative degree of success will be DIRECTLY related to the tools you have available, knowledge and expertise in using the resources available, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the PRIOR PLANNING (including contingencies for obstacles and unexpected events), (Money Management) and rehearsal (paper trading) done before you enter and likewise planned exit strategies. I'm sure it's probably my military background (over 20 years of disciplined training and preparatory exercises) that shapes my thinking and that I'm trying to share with SF subscribers.

Don't rely exclusively on other peoples information! That is not to say their methods are not excellent TOOLS. But, until one fully understands and can INTERNALIZE the information and its application, it's like giving someone a loaded gun without good prior instruction and training. You may hit the target, but you could also shoot yourself in the foot or worse!

Not to pick on HG, but I will use his filter as an example because it is a good simple one to evaluate. Do you realize that the use of Linear Regression, as applied in his filters, will ALWAYS be 100% accurate at identifying market / individual equity turning points? You may say, that is wonderful news until you ask why??? The answer is, "IT WILL ALWAYS ADJUST TO NEW HIGHER AND LOWER CLOSES IN THE PERIOD BEING EXAMINED". That is why looking back at charts makes it look so impressive and yet it's not uncommon for trades taken to be unrewarding. Without knowing that Linear Regression is self adjusting, a newbie could be lulled in to some false confidence and get burned.

I hope my perspective will be of some benefit. If you want to play the game and stay in it, you need to know the rules. But just like anything else, there are the "book rules" and the "practical applications" that work in the real world. If you wish to praise me for this post please don't take up forum time and space. It's not necessary. On the other hand, if there is an inaccuracy that needs attention, please let everyone know. And finally, if you feel you must contact me for whatever reason, you can send a message to BlbAnt at hotmail dot com.

All the best in trading,


General Discussion · A Challenge ... the actual selections ...the best you can offer
msg #27653
8/2/2003 2:36:14 PM

I think the SF challenge is a great idea but I don't think it's proper to use the SF forum to posts the picks. Lets keep the SF Forum within the parameters it has designated. Also, I would not like to see SF get into any trouble because of the "Appearance of making Buy / Sell Recommendation". Some foolish SEC regulator who gets a complaint from someone who happens to lose because they didn't do their own home work or understand why the pick was made could create a problem for us all.

SF is much to valuable a resource to get embroiled in sum possible stupid legal battle. I say knowing the litigious nature of society as it is today, let's use some common sense to buffer SF from morons! Better to be Safe than Sorry!

I believe we should set up a SF Challenge Yahoo group like was done for the Muddy group. I'm willing to do the work necessary to set it up for us and open it to anyone that wants to join. One rule I'd propose for posting is that the filter or parameters used to make the selection(s) should always be included with a pick. At the very least with the first post of a pick using some criteria. In this way we will all learn and benefit from shared knowledge and experience.

What do you folk think?

Announcements · Chart Color Customization ** Beta **
msg #26593
5/24/2003 1:37:38 AM

The custom chart colors option is great! I think the best way to have custom color applied would be to allow us to go to a page, like you have now, create our custom color code and then save the code as a "CHAIN" item / filter. We could then apply / add the "Color Chain" to any individual filter and we could make a different "Color Chain" for different filters if desired. I hope this approach doesn't open a pandoras box!

There is one other Custom Color feature you should add to make the charts even more useful. Please add a "Condition" / Filter specific over-ride! This would allow users to immediately see where / when "on the price chart" the filter was PREVIOUSLY applicable in a manner similar to the green triangles on the historical charts. This would be an easy and quick way to identify the EXACT BAR / Candle where / when the "Condition" / Filter occurred.

For example: If I specified the regular / normal "Candle Gain Border" as #009900 and the "Candle Loss Border" as #c00e0e then I could specify a "Condition" / Filter specific over-ride for "Candle Gain Border" as #000000 and the "Candle Loss Border" as #000000. This would make the applicable bar / candle highly visible and provide a good past reference point on the chart from which to make an analysis. You might even want to offer the "OVER-RIDE" feature on the Volume Bars.

I think adding the "Over-Ride" feature would also give SF Charts a unique advantage over other online charting alternatives and set a new standard for others to follow.

Thanks for your consideration.


Filter Exchange · bollinger bands
msg #26559
5/20/2003 9:33:59 AM

With Muddy's (Wallman) kind approval and authorization, and the OK from the SF staff, I'm happy to announce that the "Wallman BB method" is now available to SF subscribers in a clean and easy to read word doc that I summarized and edited from the many posts to this forum. This is my way to say thank you and pass on the help given to me.

I'd like to thank Mr. Wallman for his unselfish kindness by sharing and helping me and others with the method. Also, a lot of credit has to be given to the folks at SF who make it possible.

SF subscribers that would like a copy, please contact me directly rather than tying up the forum with requests. Send me an e-mail: blbant (at) hotmail (dot) com, and I'll forward a copy to you. (I'm sure you can figure out the address written to avoid SPAM BOTS that might be lurking.)

Good Trading,


General Discussion · Add Value1, Value2, etc. feature!
msg #26495
5/13/2003 12:45:33 AM

Here's another reason to have Value statements:

Value1(some condition)

Price crossed above Highest(Value1,30)


Value1(some condition)

Price crossed below Lowest(Value1,30)

Of course we'd need the "ACTION Statements" HIGHEST and LOWEST to also become available.

Are Highest and Lowest something subscribers would find benefitial?

Could they be added to the wish list???

General Discussion · Compound Indicators ???
msg #26494
5/12/2003 11:51:11 PM

I'd like to see us be able to use the 20 day simple moving average of the HIGHS or Lows or pivot points or other such things.

It would open up greater screening and chart drawing potential if indicators of indicators were possible but at least it would be nice to be able to use something other than just the CLOSE.

Isn't is possible to do EMA(20,High) or LinReg(50,1.0,1,Low) ????

It's another thing for the StockFetcher wish list.

SF is a great service that rivals most others. Things like this would easily put it over the top!

Keep up the great work and thanks for the consideration,


General Discussion · Add Value1, Value2, etc. feature!
msg #26493
5/12/2003 11:25:27 PM

I'd like to see StockFetcher add the ability for us to do a bit more complex screening based on the analysis of 2 different math formulas.

Right now we can compare 2 simple formulas.

For example:
Fetcher[Close above open and High minus Close below Open minus Low]

But if I want to determine that the Open minus Low is above "3 times the High minus Close" it can't presently be done.

My suggested solution is to allow the assignment of VALUE Statements in the form:

Value1(High minus Close)
Value2(Open minus Low)

This would lead to the ability to write:

Fetcher[Value1(High minus Close) and Value2(Open minus Low)
and Close above open
and Value2 above 3 multiplied by Value1

Value Statements could also be indicators. That would allow a math comparison that we are unable to do now.

For example:

Value1(MA(20) minus MA(50))
and ATR(20) multiplied by 5 above Value1 plus 3

By assigning Value Statements BEFORE any other conditions the value could be used in the screen.

Even if it only simplifies writing the screen I think it would benefit users and reduce processing demands on the server.

If others see the Value (sorry about the pun), please let the great folks at Fetcher know.

Thanks for the consideration,


Filter Exchange · bollinger bands
msg #26452
5/9/2003 12:41:08 AM

Hi Muddy,

Did you get the e-mail re: your method?


General Discussion · Just Buy It!
msg #26437
5/8/2003 3:16:39 AM

How about this one?

Fetcher[Money Flow Index(15) 4 days ago is above Money Flow Index(15) 3 days ago
and Money Flow Index(15) 3 days ago is below Money Flow Index(15) 2 days ago
and Money Flow Index(15) 4 days ago is below Money Flow Index(15) 1 days ago
and Money Flow Index(15) has been increasing over the last 2 days
and Average Volume(90) is above 200000
and Volume is above Volume yesterday
and close is between 0.24 and 5.00
and draw Money Flow Index(15)
and add column Money Flow Index(15) 4 days ago {MF-4}
and add column Money Flow Index(15) 3 days ago {MF-3}
and add column Money Flow Index(15) 2 days ago {MF-2}
and add column Money Flow Index(15) 1 days ago {MF-1}

Don't know if adding filter +di(14) crossed over -di(14) within the last day would improve the results. I liked the basic filter but got to many picks. The modification forces a pick that had a recent upturn in MF.



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