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General Discussion · AS214 are you here?
msg #61562
4/17/2008 3:52:52 PM

AS214 hows it going? Do you have an email I can contact you at. I researched your value strategy with VV and had promising results but just want to ask you some questions. I am also interested in learning one of your short strategies that pertained to BSR below 1 or something like that. Thanks!

General Discussion · Intraday Technical Stock Filter
msg #61547
4/17/2008 8:47:52 AM

Does anyone know a good service where I can do technical screens for intraday charting?

Filter Exchange · Help with a filter
msg #60825
3/27/2008 3:21:07 PM

thanks niko appreciate it

Filter Exchange · Help with a filter
msg #60814
3/27/2008 10:58:09 AM

I am looking for the proper syntax for the below filter.

I need a filter showing the Linear Regression Channel(100, 1.00) decreasing for the last 45 days and whre the price within the last 3 days was/is near or crossed above the top of the Linear Regression Channel.

Thanks for any input

General Discussion · Looking for a good charting service that has DMA's
msg #60186
3/4/2008 3:52:24 PM

Does anyone have know a good charting service with clear charts that allow you to plot displaced moving averages. I have been using prophet net but the charts there are not very clear. I use stockfetcher also but they do not plot DMA's on index charts like the S&P500, the Dow, NYSE and so forth. Any info is appreciated.

General Discussion · Quality list of crummy stocks?
msg #59304
1/25/2008 1:04:38 PM

jhar3, checked out the site and it looks pretty good. can you post a link where the site talks about scans for going short. Thanks!

Filter Exchange · Another syntax question
msg #59292
1/24/2008 1:30:02 PM

I want to be able to put the following into one of my filters.

include stocks with a white candle and/or ones which have a tail.


General Discussion · Quality list of crummy stocks?
msg #59290
1/24/2008 12:47:49 PM

bety, that is a great question. I have been looking for the same for a long time now. If anyone has any sugestions for finding good stocks to short based on their current fundamentals I would love to here it.

General Discussion · Percent Change Syntax
msg #59279
1/23/2008 5:38:35 PM

I am trying to figure how to write the syntax for a percent change between the top 100% regression line and price and am not having any luck. Here is what I have.....any suggestions?

set{tlr100, top linear regression line(100,1.00,0)}
set{tlr%, tlr100 - price/tlr100*100}

General Discussion · Plotting DMA(28-14) Seperately
msg #59278
1/23/2008 5:32:42 PM

thanks niko...I appreciate it

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