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9/29/2010 5:07:55 AM

Is there any way to overlay Bolinger Bands over Slow Stochastics indicator?
What I am really interested in is using the Bolinger Width filter to identify Bolinger squeeze of the Stochastics which helps to spot a change in direction.

Thanks, Gil

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9/29/2010 8:44:13 AM

I posted this 2 years ago with Bollinger bands against the Keltner bands. Even it is not a direct response to your question you might find it interesting.

Fetcher[close above 5
volume above 200000

set{UBxUK, count(upper bollinger(20,2.0) below the Upper Keltner Band(20),1)}
set{LBxLK, count(lower bollinger(20,2.0) above the Lower Keltner Band(20),1)}

set{Uxc, UBxUK * 1}
set{Lxc, LBxLK * 10}
Set{SQxc, Uxc + Lxc}

set{Ux, UBxUK * 100}
set{Lx, LBxLK * 100}
set{SQx, Ux + Lx}

set{sqxtrend, count(sqx above 150,1)}
set{t123trend1d, count(t123 1 day ago below 250,1)}
set{t123trend, count(t123 above 250,1)}
set{sqxtrendx, sqxtrend + t123trend1d}
set{sq123alert, sqxtrendx + t123trend}

and draw SQx
and draw SQcross on plot SQx
and draw SQzenith on plot SQx
and draw SQnadir on plot SQx

sqx above 150
sqx 1 day ago below 150

offset 15

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9/30/2010 1:06:55 AM

Thank you very much for sharing your filter. It is a little too advanced for me but I will study it this weekend and see how I can suit it to my needs.

Thanks again, Gil

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